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Saturday, 29 June 2013

29 June 2013. Oppose the Right-Wing Media With all Your Talents and Powers… It’s Your DUTY Before Almighty God and Before Human Justice

Unknown Artist. Don't Be A Sucker. Don't Fall for Rush's Lies. 2012


It’s time to  take action against the rightwing propaganda disguised as “news”. Before the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie, such was forbidden by the Fairness Doctrine. That is, if you gave X amount of time to Side A, you had to give an equivalent amount to Side B. That meant that the moneybags were stymied… they wanted to buy airtime, but if they did, the stations would have to give an equivalent amount of time to their opposition. That kept the worst of the rightwingers off the airwaves. Unfortunately, Slobberin’ Ronnie’s junta cancelled this wise rule in 1987. It led to Rush Limbaugh… to Glenn Beck… to the Moral Majority (neither moral nor a majority)… to Sarah Palin.

Why do white men disproportionately attend to such obviously-lying bullshit? For one, the oligarchs have been able to displace the anger of white men hurt by rightwing voodo-economics policies from the policies (and politicians) that’ve actually hurt them to homosexuals, blacks, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans who haven’t. It’s easy enough to stir up hate… it’s harder to build consensus. The message is simple and seductive… “You haven’t gotten ahead because of governmental policies favouring women, minorities, and faggots. You don’t owe anything to bloodsuckers”. It’s repeated over and over, in many different guises. It’s why there was a 12 percent difference in the preference of white men and white women in the last election. It doesn’t speak well for the intelligence of white men… much of the lying drivel put out by the righties is obvious rubbish… you should listen to their rants and screams. Any decent person finds it repellent, ugly, and patently-false.

Firstly, we should attend to the dupes in our own ranks. In the car park at the St T‘s Memorial Day Pilgrimage, I’m glad to say that I saw many Obama bumper stickers… and NOT ONE bumper sticker in favour of Wet Willy Romney and the Republican milk snatchers. In short, the REAL Orthodox people oppose the righties. In fact, one of the Cabinet told me that the people who worship with them are all anti-righties. The only people who favour the righties amongst us are many of the converts… what I call konvertsy… and some of the woollier ROCOR anti-commies. If you remember Jordanville prior to 2001, you’ll know that they (and most of the ROCOR First Families) supported the most-questionable Far Right nutters in American politics. You must oppose Victor Potapov… James Paffhausen… John Whiteford… Michael DahulichRod Dreher… Lyonyo Kishkovsky… and all of their fellow travellers.

HH opposes the bourgeois Affluent EffluentPope Francisco opposes the bourgeois Affluent Effluent… whom do you wish to follow? Do you wish to follow REAL religious leaders or do you want to follow phonies, many of whom take the US government‘s shilling (don’t forget, Lebedeff defended Jordanville’s taking Langley‘s pieces of silver and Potapov works (or worked) directly for a well-known Langley front-organisation)? There’s one way to take a solid step in the direction of Christ‘s Truth. Don’t attend to the rightwing media in any way, shape, or form. Our Lord Christ is TRUTH… ergo, He has nothing in common with LIES. We know who the Father of Lies is, don’t we? That’s who you listen to when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or any other of the rightwing nutters. Ponder that…



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