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Saturday, 29 June 2013

WARNING! BULLSHIT AHEAD! Monk Jailed, Orthodox Patriarchate Fears “a Huge Scandal”

01 Go to Jail


A court sentenced an Orthodox monk for causing a fatal accident that left two people dead whilst he was driving a luxury car.  This is only the latest in a series of scandals for the Russian Orthodox Church (sic) {note that this papist harpy then doesn’t detail what scandals there were, natch: editor}. On 26 June, the MP suspended Hieromonk Ilya Syomin from all service, as a court decided the day before to three years in prison for causing an accident on 15 August 2012, killing two people. The priest was driving a Mercedes G-class SUV (which sells in Russia for about 120,000 USD (3.95 million Roubles. 92,000 Euros. 79,000 UK Pounds)), when he lost control of the car and crashed into three construction workers who were working on a site along the Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. The cops arrested the monk the following day. The judges deemed him guilty of “grave breaches” of the rules of the road, which caused the death of the two men. The Prokuratura requested six years imprisonment for the monk, whilst the Moscow court sentenced him to half. According to the victims’ families, the sentence is “too light”. According to one of the defence lawyers, Lyudmila Aivar, in August, Syomin could submit a request for parole and be out of jail.

Websites and blogs are awash with critical posts, accusing the judges of being unfair and unbalanced; they compare the case of Hieromonk Ilya with that of Pussy Riot. The girls of the feminist punk band who staged an anti-Putin performance in a cathedral in Moscow were sentenced to two years in a labour camp for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred” and denied conditional bail, even though they are both mothers of young children {this is another error on the part of Ms Achmatova, not a careful journalist, it’d seem. There are THREE members of Pussy Riot, not two. Such factual inaccuracies rob this author of any cred. I post it so that you can see what a down n’ dirty papist organisation is writing: editor}. The religious blogsite door-credo.ru {wrong title… “portal-credo.ru”… what a maroon!: editor}… always very critical of the MP… presents the story as “the latest in a series of similar incidents, a mirror of the Russian clergy’s misconduct, who are always certain to go unpunished”. Just last summer, another priest, Igumen Timofei, caused an accident driving a BMW with diplomatic plates.

The controversy over the luxurious lifestyle and the excesses of the Russian clergy has been on the boil for at least two years, and has even enveloped the Patriarch, who according to some media owns luxury apartments in Moscow and a photo showed that he possessed a watch worth at least 20,000 USD (657,000 Roubles. 15,400 Euros. 13,200 UK Pounds). Anonymous AsiaNews sources within the MP argue, “Sooner or later, scandal of enormous proportions will explode. For now, though, only the intelligentsia are indignant, that part of society that’s informed and realises the gravity of the situation, whilst the rest of the population is still unaware”.

29 June 2013

Nina Achmatova



Editor’s Note:

This proves that the Blunder and his crew of greasy eunuchs in Bolshaya Ordynka are quasi-papists and enemies of Christ’s Church. However, that’s GOOD NEWS. It means that they’re stymied. It many well mean that not only the MP has written off the Blunder, it may mean that the papists have too. After all, Pope Francisco condemns the lifestyles of the oligarch filth that support the Blunder. One comes to this conclusion after reading the last quote beginning with “Sooner or later”. Note how the anonymous source gushes over the so-called intelligentsia, the most out-of-touch segment of Russian society. The intelligentsy are the most clueless bunch in contemporary Russia… they’re the “last hurrah” pro-Westerners left in the Rodina.

Given that Pope Francisco just met with delegations from the EP and the Coptic Church of Alexandria, it’s clear that AsiaNews doesn’t much care for the direction that their pope is going in. Rather, I think that AsiaNews’ rich Western backers don’t like that direction, and the AsiaNews hacks, like all good bought n’ paid-for whores (like Radio Liberty’s Potapov and the John Templeton Foundation’s Dreher) are echoing their paymaster’s party line.

Break out the bubbly… if AsiaNews is upset and can only regurgitate dead stale news, it’s clear that they’re stymied and angry. That’s good for us. It means that Pope Francisco’s serious when he tells Catholic bishops and clergy to eschew a bourgeois lifestyle. That means that’s he a committed leftist… does that mean that Western intelligence agencies may target him? God Himself only knows… and He’s not talking. I’d advise Pope Francisco to have a care… Langley has a history of ops against clerics they don’t like… do remember the case of Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis (Langley replaced him with the American lickspittle Athenagoras Spyrou)…

One last thing… Stokoe, Lyonyo, and Paffhausen all gush over Portal-credo.ru… that phoney doxie Svetlana Vais writes for it… none of them are friends of the Orthosphere, I’d say. Do act accordingly…


This Just In From the Cabinet:

Dreher no longer works for the Templeton Foundation… he now writes (?) for the National Review AND he’s gone over to ROCOR. Now, he lives in St Francisville LA.

Indeed! That’s Dreher’s fourth move in less than ten years… Brooklyn NYDallas TXWashington DC… and, now, Louisiana. That’s hardly conservative… it’s peripatetic and rootless. That is, Dreher’s an unrepentant “rootless cosmopolite” with no real roots, ergo, he’s got to stop bloviating about the joys of rural life. Where’s he gonna be in five years? The konvertsy slobber over this ignorant and loudmouthed POS. He knows nil about the Orthosphere… and shall learn nothing because of his arrogant and juvenile attitude. Keep your distance from such rubbishy figures. Don’t argue with them…



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