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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

St Sergius Orthodox Institute in Paris Might Close Due To Serious Financial Troubles

00 St Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral. Paris FRANCE. 03.07.13 – Resized

St Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral in Paris (Region Île-de-France) FRANCE


St Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Institut de théologie orthodoxe Saint-Serge) in Paris is on the verge of bankruptcy. An appeal for assistance appeared in early July on the Institute’s official website. The appeal, signed by the dean of the school, Archpriest Nikolai Ozolin, noted that the institute, which soon shall celebrate the 90th anniversary of its founding, earned recognition not only amongst Orthodox, but also throughout the Christian world {that’s an over-exaggeration, but it’s Portal-Credo, after all: editor}. A galaxy of famous Russian theologians expelled from their homeland in the early twenties of the last century founded the school {no mention of the Renovationism rampant amongst them, is there?: editor}. The appeal stated that the Institute, whilst remaining true to his Russian roots (sic), quickly won well-deserved recognition (?!?) as a centre of inter-Orthodox theological studies.

However, at present, St Sergius, for reasons beyond its control, is experiencing an unprecedented financial crisis that threatens the very existence of this unique spiritual school {gad, one needs stout wellies to wade through such arrant and unashamed shit: editor}. Newsru.com quoted the appeal, “Over the last few months, we weren’t able to pay our teachers and staff. We invite all those who cherish Christian theological thought and theological studies, to help us save the institute. We’ll receive anything with sincere gratitude, even the most modest contribution. Please help us!” The appeal gave details on where contributors could send funds. St Sergius Orthodox Institute opened in Paris in 1925 by leading Russian émigré theologians, after the Second Congress of the Russian Student Christian Movement. Archimandrite Cyprian Kern, Archpriest Georgi Florovsky, Sergei Bulgakov, and Nikolai Afanasyev, Vladimir Lossky, and many others, taught at this school over the years.

3 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

There’s a twofold reason for this development. Firstly, when the French courts transferred St Nick’s in Nice to the MP, it killed the Paris Gang’s cash cow. The Paris Renovationists subsidised their school and their general operations with funds raised by admission charges at St Nick’s. Now, as the church is in the hands of its rightful owner (the MP has made it clear that it’s cancelling admission charges), the Paris Gang is left bereft. Secondly, the MP founded its own seminary in Paris, so, it doesn’t need the heretics at St Sergius or its facilities. Look for a similar appeal for the Rue Daru property soon. The MP doesn’t need that either, as it has a new spiritual centre and church under construction in Central Paris, right near the Eiffel Tower.

The Paris Bunch is in the deep kimchi. Firstly, de Vylder has cancer, and there’s no replacement available. Secondly, St Sergius is running out of funds. Thirdly, it’s clear that the loss of the St Nick’s funds shall make it impossible to operate the Rue Daru Cathedral. Overall, it’s a gigantic shit sandwich. Nina Dimas is an SVS fanatic… one wonder what she’ll do when Crestwood joins St Sergius in the dustbin of history? All of the Blunder’s horses, and all of the Blunder’s men couldn’t put Rue Daru back together again. That’ll be true of Crestwood and Syosset, as well… mark my words…



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