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Thursday, 4 July 2013

4 July 2013. More Whispers from the Cabinet… OCA Parish to Jump to MP… Dreher May Start “Western Rite” Parish in LA… Observation on the OCA




I got this from one of the Cabinet:

A parish is leaving the OCA and going over to the MP.

That’s interesting… it means that the 1970 Tomos is a “dead letter” in all but name. I can’t give the location, as I’ve given my word to keep that under wraps. Here’s another titbit:

Roddy Dreher is setting up a Western Rite ROCOR parish in St Francisville LA.

Dreher’s making huge noises about how St Francisville is a “small town”. That’s bullshit. St Francisville is part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area… that is, its part of the Louisiana “Capital Region” (“the 225” in local parlance). St Francisville is NOT a stand-alone rural town, as Dreher implies. Rather, it’s an exurban village in a larger metro area of nearly one million people. Dreher doesn’t know when to quit, does he? “Western Rite parish”… Dreher doesn’t know shit from shinola about Orthodoxy, but he’s going to be the leading light of a “parish”… God DO help us. A clerical source said this about the OCA situation, in reference to Tikhon Mollard:

All other alternatives are worse at the moment. What an alternative… handing it over to the Greeks. Definitely worse.

That is, voting for Dahulich was tantamount to voting for the OCA becoming part of the EP. That’s why it was STOOPID for the OCA to have accepted Moriak and Dahulich (and Maymon, too) as bishops. These two were EP-vetted clergy without grounding in the “Metropolia culture”. Dahulich, in particular, is TOO close to the papists, and much too cosy with the Uniates. SVS pumped up Dahulich’s candidacy for the white hat. Was this an attempt to join together the OCA and the Paris gang? Was it an attempt to save St Sergius in Paris by pumping in American money? If it was, it failed… big-time. Tikhon Mollard’s a walking disaster area who’s going to stumble from blunder to blunder… but it’ll still be better than what Dahulich had in mind. He would’ve handed us over to the Greeks and shit all over Russian culture. Think on that…




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