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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pope of Rome said that All Papal Representatives Everywhere Should Reject the Bourgeois Lifestyle

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On Friday, Italian media sources reported that Francisco Bergoglio, the Pope of Rome, urged Vatican representatives to turn away from the bourgeois way of life to avoid looking foolish, saying, “There’s always a risk in embracing a bourgeois state of mind and lifestyle, which leads to slackness, to a cosy and passive life. When we embrace such a state of mind, it makes us foolish. Perhaps, some might flatter us, but watch out for those who praise us to our faces and criticise us behind our backs”. The media noted that the Pope, for the first time during his reign, gathered papal representatives from around the world, reminding them, once again, of their role in the appointment of local bishops. He said, “Make sure that the candidates are close to the people, that they’re humble, patient, and compassionate. Make sure that they believe in poverty and lead a simple and austere life”.

21 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

The above isn’t good news for the First Things and Acton Institute crowds (Timothy Dolan should take note as well). You see, they want to ally the Catholic Church with the American rightwing and its love of money and its global hegemonic vision. For Orthodox people, it means that Hannes Jacobses must cut all ties with the Acton Institute, as it spits on Pope Francisco’s teaching, by embracing and defending the bourgeois way of life. However, do note that the konvertsy won’t do such… their political notions are more important to them than Christ and His Church are. It doesn’t matter what the Fathers say… it doesn’t matter what our REAL leaders say (poseurs such as Fathausen and Potapov don’t count)… it only matters to them what the Republican Party says.

Bear in mind that both HH and Pope Francisco oppose the “Me First” crapitalist system and have said so explicitly. That means that all Orthodox clergy and laity attempting to ally the Church with godless rightwing forces aren’t only mistaken, they’re in league with evil, full stop. Mind you, most are unaware that they’ve taken Satan’s shilling (the Potapovs, Drehers, Paffhausens, and Berzanskys are rare, thank God). Is Hannes Jacobses a dupe, or, is he a fully aware rebel? God alone knows… until it’s clearer, we should give him the benefit of the doubt. However, that means that we should watch him even more carefully… that’s the only way to find the underlying cause of it.

For now, simply don’t attend to anything issuing forth from Potapov, Paffhausen, Reardon, Whiteford, Freeman, or Dreher… they’re all soldiers in the wrong cause. If you want a sane voice on American politics, I’d recommend Val Zorin of VOR. Click here for my translations of his “A View from Moscow”… it’s a continuing effort, new ones keep coming out. Valentin Sergeyevich has over fifty years of experience in covering the American scene… certainly, he’s a more sure source than ignoranuses (no misspelling) such as Josiah Trenham and Alexander Webster.

Have a care… there be cowpats out there in that there field…



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