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Monday, 8 July 2013

The KPRF Proposed the Establishment of a Public Council to Oversee Protection of Morals in the Media

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Our kids are precious… keep them out of the Corporate Oligarchy’s clutches! Keep ’em away from Uncle Rush and Aunt Anne, for God’s sake… keep ’em pure and unspoilt!


According to information posted in the electronic database of the RF Gosduma, a group of Gosduma deputies from the KPRF introduced a bill on the establishment of an RF Public Council to oversee the protection of morals in the media. The explanatory note to the bill explained that this council will function under both the Gosduma and the Federation Council, stating, “Its composition shall consist of members nominated by the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, the governing bodies of the political parties represented in the RF Gosduma, and from the traditional religious bodies“. The proposal suggested that such a public council would report directly to the Gosduma. The memo said, “The board shouldn’t be made of government officials, either of the executive authorities, or of the legislature. Preferably, the members should mainly come from specialists who deal with social issues (teachers, doctors, psychologists, academics). They should be those with experience in dealing with moral problems, giving recommendations to the government or to the various factions in the Gosduma”.

The bill’s sponsors explained the need for such a bill by pointing up, in Russia and in many other countries, “There’s a present trend leading to a fall in the level of morality. Not coincidentally, as many governments are concerned about this, they created a variety of special bodies to monitor media activities (USA, UK, Sweden, Japan, China, etc). These bodies are both regular government bodies and voluntary panels”. The task of the public council envisaged by the bill, and in analogues set up on the regional level, is to promote citizen access to unbiased and accurate information in the media and to help public and religious organisations reach mutual understanding with media management in the event of conflict arising from programming and publications that distort the historical traditions and customs of the peoples of Russia and the moral foundations of society. The powers of such councils should include a right to appeal for aid from the Prokuratura and other competent authorities to assist in protecting morality in the media, and to monitor television and radio broadcasting and inspect the content of newspapers and magazines to scrutinise what they publish on moral topics and sociological research in the field of the protection of morals in the media.

14 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

I post this to show that the propaganda from konvertsy circles that the Left is immoral is lying and meretricious rubbish. The KPRF is concerned with morality… the buccaneer crapitalists such as Prokhorov aren’t. Ponder that, if you will.

The Right isn’t the fountainhead of virtue that it proclaims itself to be. Wet Willy Romney was a Chicken Little draft dodger, Rush Limbaugh claimed that he had a cyst on his bum (poor baby!), Dick Cheney “had better things to do”, and Paul Ryan worships Ayn Rand. Need I continue? Oh… one last thing… Pete Seeger is a proud World War II vet (he could’ve served as an officer, but he chose to serve in the ranks)… fancy that, a Leftie with MORE patriotism than ALL of the Righties that I just named…



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