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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

9 July 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Snowden at the Crossroads

00 Sergei Yolkin. Snowden at the Crossroads. 2013

Snowden at the Crossroads

Sergei Yolkin



Nicaraguan media published a letter written by Edward Snowden requesting political asylum, Venezuela’s waiting for his response on the matter on Monday, and the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasn’t yet received a formal petition from the former CIA agent… Sergei Yolkin gives us his view of the situation.

8 July 2013

Sergei Yolkin





The Cross of St Andrew will Travel from Greece to Russia, the Ukraine, and Belarus



With the blessing of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias and Archbishop Ieronymos Liapis  of Athens and all Greece, the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called will bring the Cross of St Andrew to the canonical territory of the MP (Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus) from 11 July to 2 August. On Tuesday, Aleksandr Gatilin, the Press Secretary of the Foundation told Interfax-Religion, “The cross on which Apostle [St Andrew the First-Called] was crucified is kept in the Orthodox cathedral in Patras, in the Greek Peloponnese; it’s a major relic of the Christian world. Bringing this cross, this relic, to Russia is part of the celebration of the 1,025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus“. Current plans call for the cross to be in St Petersburg from 11 to 15 July, from 16 to 25 July in Moscow, from 26 to 28 July in Kiev, and from 29 July to 2 August in Minsk.

Gatilin went on to say, “Bringing the Cross of St Andrew to St Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and Minsk is meant to emphasise that we can trace the spiritual life of these three states (государств) back to a single source… the blessing given by the Apostle Andrew to the Baptism of Rus, which was accomplished at the fount in Kiev in 988″. He noted that the name of Apostle St Andrew the First-Called pops up throughout all of Russian history. For example, Tsar Pyotr Veliki established the Order of St Andrew, the first order of chivalry set up in the Russian Empire; it was the highest state award. In 1998, the Order of St Andrew again became the highest state award of the Russian Federation. Since the time of Pyotr Veliki, the Russian naval ensign has borne a light-blue cross of St Andrew on a white field. The tsar personally determined its appearance… “A white Flag, emblazoned with a light-blue cross of St Andrew, to commemorate that Russia took Holy Baptism from this Apostle.”

The Cross of St Andrew will begin its Russian journey in St Petersburg, the “maritime capital of Russia”. The Foundation wishes to stress that they intended this to remind us that since the foundation of the city on the Neva, Apostle St Andrew was one of its patron saints. St Andrew was the brother of Apostle St Peter, after whom the town was named. Some say that Pyotr Veliki himself placed a golden reliquary with a particle of the relics of the Apostle in the cornerstone of the Petropavlovsk Fortress. The arrival of the Cross of St Andrew will coincide with the 310th anniversary of the Russian Navy and of St Petersburg. Gatilin also said, “Then, we’ll bring the cross to Moscow, Kiev and Minsk… the capitals of the three states where most Russian Orthodox believers live, where spiritual and cultural life traditionally draw upon the heritage of Holy Rus“.

The Cross of St Andrew was in Patras until the time of the Roman Catholic onslaught on Greece in the 13th century (Frankokratia). Then, the Franks removed the relic from Achaea and placed it in a monastery in Marseilles, where, afterwards, in about 1250, it went to another monastery in the same city. During the French Revolution of 1789, revolutionaries threw the cross into a fire to destroy it, but a Catholic priest pulled most of it out of the fire, risking his life to do so. Later, the relic resided in an underground crypt of a monastery in Marseille, contained in a large reliquary. Today, the Cross is in the Cathedral of St Andrew in Patras. Apostle St Andrew the First-Called was crucified at Patras head down. There is a belief that the Cross of St Andrew was X-shaped. According to Church tradition, many believers received healing by touching and praying before the Apostolic cross.

2 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

Do note that Mollard‘s going to be in Russia during all of this. This was something that HH NEVER gave Fatso. NEVER. This is a PR Plum of the Highest Order. All of Berzansky’s scheming for his pal “Johnny” (what he and his circle called Fathausen) was for nought… HH saw through him. The Centre is backing Mollard… for now. At present, it’s the only game in town… it’s the pinch of incense that one has to throw on the altar to keep out Dahulich and the Greeks. I prefer Mollard’s bumbling to Dahulich’s scheming… and I do daresay that I’m not alone…

However… is Mollard going to be stupid enough to try to bring Fatso as part of his entourage? It’d explain why so many priests turned him down flat on accompanying him. Mollard’s doltish enough and Lyonyo’s enough of a schemer to try such a stunt. Do watch it, kids… it bids fair to be interesting…


Execution of Catholic Monks in Syria should Prompt Healthy Elements to Ruthlessly Oppose Wahhabis

00 Syria 02.12 jihadists 'Free Syrian Army'


Roman Silantyev, a well-known scholar, MGLU professor, and expert on Islam said that the murder of Catholic priests in Syria should prompt healthy countries to root out the Wahhabis. On Tuesday, he told Interfax-Religion, “Wahhabi atrocities in Syria show the world the essence of this hateful ideology”, in comments on an internet video showing the massacre by Syrian opposition fighters of Franciscans (Fr François Murat and his assistants). Silantyev remarked that the murder of Christian and Muslim clerics in Syria “defy the entire civilised world, so, it’s time to unite and work together to destroy this cancer. We must destroy Wahhabism and Wahhabis without mercy, wherever they may be; we must deal with them no matter where they are. At different times in history, only total eradication [of the sect involved] solved the problem of religious terrorism. For instance, we saw the destruction of two sects… the Islamic Assassins in the declining Fatimid Empire and the Thugs in India (bandits who dedicated themselves to the service of Kali, goddess of death, devastation, sexuality, and wanton power)”.

2 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

Let’s get this straight… Wahhabis are only a small minority of Muslims. That’s to say that your Muslim neighbour down the street isn’t one… be kind to them. The Christian view is that Jews and Muslims are believers in the One God, and that’s that. They aren’t going to hurt you… trust me, they hate terrorism as much as you and I do. Give ’em a break and cut ’em some slack… not only is it “the right thing to do”, y’ know, “what goes around, comes around”. Decency is Job One… you can’t have Holiness without it…


Pope Francisco sez the Vatican Would Help to Improve Relations Between Belarus and the West

00 Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav. 09.07.13 – Resized

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav


00 Budslav BELARUS. Catholic procession. 09.07.13

Catholic religious procession in Budslav


Interfax learned at a press conference given by the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus following the meeting of Apostolic Nuncio to Belarus Claudio Gugerotti with the Pope of Rome that Pope Francisco Bergoglio expressed his sympathy for the people of Belarus and stated his willingness to commit the Vatican to help improve relations between Belarus and the West. The spokesman noted, “The Pope asked me to convey his sympathy and solidarity with Belarus, especially, to those who suffer, and expressed the hope that relations with the West could improve with the help of the Holy See, through respect, dialogue, and understanding”.

During the audience, the Pope also said that he was pleased to express solidarity with Belarus through a special gesture… the sending of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran as extraordinary envoy to the celebrations in Budslav. The spokesman went on to say, “The Pope promised to pray for the success of the mission of the cardinal. His Holiness gave his blessing to the Catholics of Belarus, he knows what loyal, faithful, and keen children of the Catholic Church they are after the great trials of the past. Pope also asked to convey his greetings to all Belarusians, especially the brothers of the Orthodox Church“.

Meeting in early June with the Apostolic Nuncio, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko observed that the Vatican could play a great role in facilitating relations with the EU, saying, “I have to thank you for your kind attitude towards Belarus, I’m grateful to the Catholic Church and the Vatican for the support you give us in the international arena, particularly, in the facilitating relations with the EU. It doesn’t matter if your efforts succeed or not, for I know that you’re truly sincere. I know that many of the leading figures in the Vatican share your position; some of them want to visit Belarus. Tell the Vatican that we’re always happy to receive them here”. As reported, a papal envoy, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, will participate in the celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav in the Bernardine Church on 5-6 July.

25 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

A Cabinet member said:

I’m surprised they haven’t killed him… as they did JP I.

I replied:

Perhaps, they tried, but Francisco beat the fascists in Argentina, so, it’s not hard to imagine him beating their American cousins. He’s TOUGH…

The CIA did involve itself in the deposition of Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis in 1948 (it was one of the more sordid episodes of the early Cold War), and rumour gives it a role in the death of Pope John Paul I Luciani (I’m not committing one way or the other… you pays your money and you takes your choice). That is, Langley’s hands were bloody in the past, so, present skulduggery isn’t beyond them. The collaboration of Potapov with Langley is disgusting and vile (and the general collaboration of the konvertsy with the Far Right is equally depraved and sordid… their “Pro-Life” bleats notwithstanding). That a priest would ally himself with such… it’s mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Another Cabinet member said:

You know, it sounds utterly scandalous even to say it, but many in American Orthodoxy will pay closer heed to what the Bishop of Rome says than anything that might come out of the MP or the Phanar. That seems to be the state of things.

Indeed. However, as Pope Francisco reveals, more and more, his LEFT stance, watch for the konvertsy to change their tune. After all, they spit on the Catholic social teachings now, in union with their rightwing “Catholic” pals. Groups such as the Acton Institute and the so-called Thomas More Law Center are NOT in sync with the Pope of Rome, and never shall be. They’re unashamed and unrepentant REBELS whose only motive is to justify the thievery of the Affluent Effluent. Does that mean that the Orthodox konvertsy are greedy, juvenile, and self-centred rebels, too? Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together… it’s a possibility…

Oh… a final note… Cardinal Tauran is vehemently anti-American… he opposes the American Hegemonic Project and opposes American warmongering throughout the world. Interesting, no?


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