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Sunday, 14 July 2013

14 July 2013. Stand Your Ground Law… “If You’re White, It’s All Right; If You’re Black, Watch Your Back”

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I found this an à propos commentary on the Zimmerman acquittal:

If this isn’t racism, then, what is? Did you notice the smirk on the face of the judge when the verdict was announced? This judge is the same judge who sentenced a Florida mom to 20 years in prison for firing a gun aimed at the ceiling when her abusive husband was coming after her. Zimmerman was white, the mom was black… draw your own conclusions.

What many people outside of the South don’t know is that its obsession with guns is due to its crank history. Mind you, I’m not talking about hunters or the guys at the local Rod and Gun Club or rural folks who’re shooting chucks (if you’re nice, you can sit down to a meal with a good chuck stew afterwards… I speak from personal experience). White southerners are nutters about guns because they were armed-to-the-teeth in slave days. Slave rebellions weren’t infrequent affairs, so, many whites went armed as a matter-of-course. The white southerner wasn’t fussy… he hated all non-whites… the Trail of Tears occurred in the South. The result was that white southerners became obsessive over guns to a very unhealthy degree. When all’s said n’ done, the convention was, “If a white man shoots a black, it’s OK… if a black man shoots a white, he gets Big Yellow Mama”.

George Zimmerman was guilty of at least criminally-negligent homicide. I don’t believe that what he did fit the definition of murder per se (that requires either premeditation or its commission in the course of a Class A felony). However, it was at least manslaughter or criminally-negligent homicide. Zimmerman was a cracked cop wannabe who went about looking for trouble… and was armed when he did so. He didn’t do what responsible neighbourhood watch members do… call the coppers and keep an eye out on the suspect. He confronted Trayvon Martin, which is a usurpation of the state’s police power. At the very least, he was guilty of improper use of a firearm. Yet, he was white… his victim was black. In the American South, that’s tantamount to acquittal. That’s nasty, but that’s The Way It Is.

The American southerner has a twisted view of “freedom”… do note well that the southern states are known for their nasty attitude to organised labour (I’ve met more than one union organiser who’ve been beaten by southern cops, with no repercussions to the perps). Whether it’s slavery, sharecropping, or Wal-Mart McJobs, the powers-that-be in the South don’t scruple at kicking ordinary folks in the face to enrich the Affluent Effluent. The Republican Party has gone to bed with that element… ponder that. There’s more to the Zimmerman acquittal than what the Corporate Media is telling you. Never forget Dr Johnson’s statement about American southerners:

How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?

Dr Johnson was a devout conservative Anglican and a compassionate man. His Christian morality saturated his works, so, he was an opponent of slavery on moral grounds, and once proposed a toast to the “next rebellion of the Negroes in the West Indies“. If you advocate “consistent life ethics” (if you approve of the verdict, you’re no Pro-Lifer, despite all your yelps to the contrary), you’ll find no joy in Zimmerman’s acquittal… he took a life for no good reason. Mark it down well that “conservative” Republicans are rejoicing at the verdict. Watch your back around such sorts… if they countenance Zimmerman, it means that they approve of landshark crapitalism and all of its grasping tenets.

You can have Dr Johnson or you can have Franklin Graham (and all the rest of the Evangelical flotsam n’ jetsam)… do choose well…



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