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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

17 July 2013. Video. Smarter than the Average Bear… It’s Easier than Fishing…

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00 Bear 03.09.12


Click here for a 36-second vid (it may load a short advert before the vid itself). Of course, it’s easier to take some fish from the truck of weak humans than trying to catch some in the river… that’s one smart bear!


Russian Driver Beaten to Death at Road Crash Scene

00 auto accident. cartoon. 01.04.13


On Tuesday, local police in Primorye Krai in the Russian Far East said that a car driver involved in a traffic accident in which a motorcyclist died was himself killed at the scene by the biker’s friends. A car driven by a man and his son… a MVD GAI officer… hit a motorcycle carrying two passengers when the car turned across the road into oncoming traffic. The motorbike driver died on the spot, whilst his female passenger died in hospital. Their friends arrived at the scene of the accident and attacked the car’s driver and passenger, killing the driver. A local police spokesman said that his son was in hospital with head and face injuries. Cops arrested three people detained over the incident, and they’re searching for a fourth. The spokesman said that the suspects were unmistakably drunk when they were detained adding, “After the beating, he [the passenger] managed to call the police. His father was killed. There wasn’t a sober one among them”. Police opened an investigation into the incident. If a court finds the suspects guilty of intent to cause grievous bodily harm, they could face up to 15 years in prison.

17 July 2013




17 July 2013. A Point to Ponder… What IS Character?

00 Steinhoff and Suvorov. 17.07.13


Both General Steinhoff and Generalissimo Suvorov were unassuming men… who were great leaders and inspired exemplars. General Steinhoff survived a horrendous crash at the end of World War II, which left him horribly scarred and in hospital for two years, yet, he went to serve for twenty more years as an officer in the postwar Luftwaffe. Generalissimo Suvorov slept on straw and ate the same rations that his troops did. His example lives on to the present day in the Russian Army.

Be wary of those who pump themselves up… they’re quite often showy and vacuous gasbags. Look for character… now, there’s something elusive…


A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… G8 Summit in Northern Ireland: US Politicians Disappointed on Syria, or, Policy Beyond the Bounds of Reason

01 Backstabber


The political hawks in Washington are frustrated. A carefully-prepared plan that they expected to roll out at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland unexpectedly misfired on them. The rightwingers around President Obama were set to adapt sanctions by the G8 to interfere militarily in the Syrian Civil War. Unexpectedly, the tenacity of Syrian government forces spoiled their plan to repeat the Libyan scenario, so, American policy makers in the Pentagon decided to compensate for their miscalculations by using military involvement in favour of the anti-government opposition. A G8 decision would’ve been political cover for such intervention. The authors of this plan had another goal… to isolate Moscow on the international arena by harping on Russia’s insistence that no outside forces should interfere in the Syrian Civil War. On the eve of the summit, Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper breached traditional diplomatic decorum by saying that if Russia didn’t support the other members in this, it might find itself outside the G8.

Another G8 summit ended… the goals of the saboteurs ended in the political scrapyard. Notably, the final communiqué, phrased in the most diplomatic terms, doesn’t have a single word about foreign interference in the Syrian Civil War. President Putin’s principled stance and diplomatic skills thwarted the plans of the political mischief-makers. All the leaders from the eight nations that took part in the summit signed the final communiqué. The notorious “Red Line”, mentioned by President Obama to please rightwingers in Washington, wasn’t even raised at the summit.

The intellectually-honest part of the American political class is aware of the true state of affairs. US Representative Michael J Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, asked, “What do you want to achieve in Syria?” Meanwhile, influential US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sharply censured his more zealous colleagues, who wanted to drag the USA into another war. This shows us why the American delegation and its partners displayed some good-sense at the summit in Northern Ireland. Iraq and Afghanistan diminished the smugness and hubris of the creators of American foreign policy. It’s increasingly-clear that the revival of the arms race is a crushing burden on the American economy… it’s a bottomless pit that’s eaten up 17 trillion USD (552 trillion Roubles. 13 trillion Euros. 11.3 trillion UK Pounds). Moreover, dead soldiers are returning home in thousands of coffins, killed in locations thousands of miles away from the American heartland, for what cause, no one knows. These are bleak realities for Washington. Prospects of a new war, more trillions of dollars thrown down a rat-hole, and a new flood of zinc coffins are pointless, and many in the corridors of power in Washington have started to realise this.

00 Valentin Sergeyevich Zorin. 26.04.1325 June 2013

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service



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