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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

17 July 2013. A Point to Ponder… What IS Character?

00 Steinhoff and Suvorov. 17.07.13


Both General Steinhoff and Generalissimo Suvorov were unassuming men… who were great leaders and inspired exemplars. General Steinhoff survived a horrendous crash at the end of World War II, which left him horribly scarred and in hospital for two years, yet, he went to serve for twenty more years as an officer in the postwar Luftwaffe. Generalissimo Suvorov slept on straw and ate the same rations that his troops did. His example lives on to the present day in the Russian Army.

Be wary of those who pump themselves up… they’re quite often showy and vacuous gasbags. Look for character… now, there’s something elusive…



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