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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pope Francisco’s First Foreign Destination: Brazil

00 Pope Francisco. 21.07.13


The first Latin American pope is going to Brazil, which is to be his first international trip since his election as head of the Catholic Church earlier this year. Pope Francisco Bergoglio, widely-known for his humility, shall get even closer to people, leaving his bullet-proof popemobile to walk the streets of a shantytown, visit juvenile prisoners, and greet thousands of pilgrims this week during World Youth Day celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. Francisco insisted on travelling in an open-top jeep during his week-long visit, which begins Monday and includes numerous opportunities to mingle with everyday people. The pope will pray with crowds of young people on Copacabana Beach, visit a favela in poor Zona Norte, talk with young inmates from a Rio prison, inaugurate a hospital wing for treatment of drug addicts, travel via helicopter to the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida (Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida) (a black Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Brazil), and say his final Mass in a once-vacant lot that was transformed into Campus Fidei. Francisco’ predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Ratzinger, planned to make the trip to Brazil before he resigned. The new pope kept the itinerary, but with a few twists that’ll bring him into closer contact with Brazilians and pilgrims from 170 countries.

21 July 2013

Voice of Russia World Service



Mollard Arrives at the Centre… Patriarchia.ru is on the Job… Lil’ Mizz Ginny and oca.org Fuck Up AGAIN… Lyonyo NOT Mentioned in MP Post… Was He There?

00 Tikhon Mollard in Moscow. 21.07.13

Here’s the post’s image, in all of its… ahem… glory…


On 20 July 2013, the First Hierarch of the OCA, Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of all America and Canada (sic), arrived in Moscow to participate in the celebrations of the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. Metropolitan Pavel Ponomaryov of Ryazan and Mikhailov, Archbishop Arseny Epifanov of Istra, First Patriarchal Vicar in the City of Moscow,  Bishop Kliment Rodaikin of Krasnoslobodsk and Temnikov, Archimandrite Alexander Pihach, representative of the OCA to the MP, Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Deputy Chairman of the MP DECR, Archpriest Igor Yakymchuk, DECR secretary for inter-Orthodox relations, Archpriest Georgi Roshchin, representative of the World Russian People’s Council (VRNS) at the UN (assigned to St Nicholas Cathedral in New York NY), met Metropolitan Tikhon at Domodedovo Airport. Accompanying Metropolitan Tikhon were Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo, Head of the OCA Office of External Relations and Interchurch Affairs, Archpriest John Jillions, OCA Chancellor, and Deacon Jesse Isaac, OCA Archdiocese of Canada.

21 July 2013


Official MP Website


Editor’s Note:

Do notice the discrepancy between the OCA list and the MP list of the members of the delegation. The OCA (in its last post, on Wednesday 17 July, see here) posted this:

Accompanying Metropolitan Tikhon will be His Grace, Bishop Alexander of Toledo and the Bulgarian Diocese; Archpriest John Jillions, OCA Chancellor; Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, Director of External Relations and Inter-Church Relations; Archimandrite Alexander [Pihach], OCA Representative to the Moscow Patriarchate and Dean of Saint Catherine Representation Church, Moscow; Deacon Jesse Isaac, Archdiocese of Canada; and Deacon Cyril Dotsenko, Saint Catherine Church, Moscow.

Guess what, kids! Lyonyo’s MIA… the MP post doesn’t mention him at all. Is it an error (hardly possible) or is Lyonyo not there? After all, he’s a bumsucker of the US government (he IS a member of the CFR, after all)… and l’affaire Snowden is playing out, isn’t it? However, if Lyonyo is missing, he’ll claim that’s he ill… just you wait. If there was a change, Lil’ Mizz Ginny was too lazy to post it… or was she told by the Syosset rats to sit on it?

Also mark it down that Mollard got a Grade Z reception. Mind you, it was better than what JP ever got (mostly, he was met by the Blunder and no one else of importance). There was no major white hat for the meet n’ greet. Metropolitan Pavel had been MP ruling hierarch in New York from 1992 to 1999, so, it may be likely that he knows Mollard personally. Archbishop Arseny is Yuvenaly Poyarkov’s dogsbody… everything that he sees and hears will go to Yuvenaly. Bishop Kliment is from Mordovia, which means that he’s part of Varsonofy Sudakov’s mafia.

Mollard got no military honour guard (the Archbishop of Cyprus DID merit such)… the Blunder didn’t meet him personally… no one from HH’s immediate circle and entourage was at the airport… and there was no “photo-album” on the MP website. In short, Mollard was treated like a subordinate foreign bishop of the MP… not as a First Hierarch of a truly-autocephalous Local Church. However, do notice that he got better treatment than JP ever did.

I wrote one of the Cabinet:

Hmm… did you notice Mollard’s entourage for the Centre? Golitzin is the only bishop… no Dahulich… no Peterson… no Hatfield. NO TOSI… mirabile dictu! One of my Centre contacts told me, “Mollard is being propped up for now… there’s no one else. The Phanariotes aren’t getting the OCA”. Note well that Mollard’s getting a confab with VVP… Fatso never got that. He’s also getting photo ops with Yanukovich and Lukashenko. Fancy that… {is that why Lyonyo’s not going on this trip? Did his US government “minders” pull his leash taut?: editor}

They replied:

Well, at least, Golitzin is fluent in Russian. Someone told me so is Jillions. So, I’d imagine Mollard will always have someone around who can speak Russian. I’ve no idea what languages he’s fluent in. Be grateful Fatso never got to speak with Putin, it probably would have started World War Three. 🙂

Yet… where’s Lyonyo? That’s truly interesting. After all, the oca.org post said that he was going. Lil’ Mizz Ginny is incompetent and a flack, but she usually doesn’t lie. Wo ist Lyonyo? I’m not the only one asking that question…


**RATED NC-17** Oh, Those Russians! Woman Stuck Her Head in a Railing Doing the Nasty on the Stairs in Lipetsk **NOT FOR KIDS**

00 Censored. 21.07.13


According to Russian legislation, this article contains information not suitable for readers younger than 18 years of age.

On Wednesday, media reports said that a woman having sex on the stairs of her apartment building got her head stuck between the supporting bars of the railing and had to be freed by rescue personnel and police who arrived while she was still naked. The news site Gorod48.ru, which covers the city of Lipetsk, which is 438 kilometres (272 miles) southeast of Moscow, reported that the 46-year-old woman and her live-in boyfriend decided to go out to the stairs to “spice things up”, and, apparently, the boyfriend pushed her head between the bars while they were doing it doggy-style. The boyfriend was nowhere around when rescuers arrived. It was unclear who placed the call. Local news site Pronews48.ru quoted emergency worker Aleksei Dotsenko as saying, “In all my time working as a rescuer, I don’t recall any incident like this one”.

18 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

You CAN’T make up shit like this… oh, those Russians! I wonder where they stashed the vodka bottles? Perspirin’ minds wanna know. Betcha the coppers and EMERCOM guys weren’t believed when they told their mates about this one…


21 July 2013. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Latte, Iced, or Mocha: What’s Inside Trendy Coffees?

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Latte, Iced, or Mocha. What's Inside Trendy Coffees. 2013


The menus of modern coffee houses are full of obscure names… latte, iced coffee, lungo, ristretto, macchiato. This RIA-Novosti infographic will help you to understand the difference between popular coffee styles in a flash.

Most coffee drinks on offer in restaurants and bistros are based upon espresso. It’s made using special coffee machines… the coffee is brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely-ground dark roast coffee. This produces a robust, full-bodied, and aromatic drink. Then, the fun begins. For example, the addition of water makes espresso Americano. If you add foamed milk, it becomes macchiato, cappuccino, or latte. Tossing in some whipped cream creates espresso con panna. If you stir in some ice cream, it gives you an affogato. That’s just the beginning… the barista can experiment and come up with new coffee blends, not using the classic ingredients.

The editors want to thank Olga Orel, Russian-certified Barista Champion, and a leading connoisseur coffee company from Vienna for their help in the creation of this infographic.

17 July 2013




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