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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27 August 2013. Today’s the Day… Regular Posting of News Articles to Begin This Evening

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Old Woman And Computer Joke


Later today, I’ll be starting to catch up on the news missed in the last month. I’ll either have my desktop back, or, I’ll have a proper mouse for this machine (the so-called built-in “mousepad” on the unit is cranky and unresponsive… be warned, they’re on all new laptops). That’ll allow me to grab things off the web to pass on to youse guys. In one instance, it’s not what was reported, but what wasn’t reported! However, Nicky and I have to go out to check out the health of the “baby” (the desktop) and pick up a mouse for this unit. No doubt, we’ll take a nice short little motor as well. It IS summer, after all… and the real world DOES trump the cyberworld…



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