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Thursday, 29 August 2013

29 August 2013. Sad Indifferentism in Arnold PA… THIS is Why so many Orthodox Look Askance at so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”



Click here for a report on a sickening instance of indifferentism. Many Orthodox wonder about the allegiance of many so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they seem to place ethnic ties above all else. “Ukrainian Catholics” are the Vatican’s tool to suborn Orthodox, there’s nothing else to say. Many Orthodox clergy and believers in Zakarpatiya and in Galicia have suffered at the hands of Uniate mobs… and these jabronies welcome Uniate clergy into their parishes and worship with them. That’s disgusting in the extreme. If “Ukrainian Orthodox” continue such antics (and they’re not new, not in the least), then, they shouldn’t be surprised that real Orthodox view them with distaste and caution. After all, they’re giggling as they put an adder on their breast. None dare call it treason and perfidy…



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