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Thursday, 29 August 2013

29 August 2013. The Entire Staff of oca.org Deserves the Sack… They Told You NOTHING of Metropolitan Tikhon’s Trip to Russia

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The entire staff of oca.org deserves nothing more than instant dismissal and utter derision at the hands of the believers. They had a responsibility to keep us informed… and they REFUSED to do so. They DID report all of Fatso’s junkets in excruciating detail… why not this legit trip? Mollard met the leaders of Russia, the Ukraine, and Belarus… Fatso never got that. The rector squired Mollard around the MDA … who refused to meet Fatso when he was there. Mollard did more and was received by more VIPs in this one trip than Fatso did in all of his trips. Yet, oca.org refused to cover it. There’s more to do, but I decided to get the “pure OCA” posts up first, for that’s my responsibility to you. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW. It may not win me kudos from the powers-that-be, but you guys deserve the “whole truth and nothing but the truth”. God willing, I try…

As for the staff of oca.org… it’s too much of a muchness, isn’t it? If you noted, they posted nothing until I did. That’s beneath contempt. The First Family layabouts and the jumped-up konvertsy frauds have to go… but will they? That’s up to you…



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