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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rogozin: The West Appears to the Islamic World as a Monkey with a Grenade

00 monkey with hand grenade. 31.08.13


On Twitter, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin used a metaphor to criticise the actions of the West against the Islamic world. He said that it acted like an animal playing with explosives. Rogozin wrote on his page, “The West appears to the Islamic world as a monkey with a grenade“. Earlier, on Tuesday, he posted, “Seeing the Anglo-Saxon sabre-rattling on the Syrian borders, one can understand the natural desire of sovereign countries to strengthen their defence capabilities.”

27 August 2013



Editor’s Note:

The war-weariness of the American people (and of the American forces, too) is leading to interesting bedfellows. Both the Left and the Right are opposing the neocons and the humanitarian interventionists. Indeed, it’s becoming more apparent that the differences between the two sorts of warmonger are merely cosmetic; truly, one can’t slip a piece of paper between them (the marriage of Mary Matlin and James Carville, in personal terms, mirrors the political “marriage” of these factions).

Look at this. Interesting, eh? A District-based source told me that General Martin Dempsey is dead-set against a strike on Syria and is leaking intel to both sides of the aisle in order to bollix it. Most of all, Americans are appalled at what their nation has become. It’s time to run out the neocons and the interventionists… but shall we? That’s the question.

A Note to Orthodox people:

The konvertsy are all kneejerk neocons (one sees this in Alexander Webster, Fatso, Reardon, and Mattingly, amongst others). Are they going to “get with the programme” and wise up, or, are they going to “go down with the ship?” That bids fair to be interesting. Stay tuned…


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