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Monday, 2 September 2013

2 September 2013. A POSSIBLE Reason for Christopher Calin’s Outburst Against the Rodina

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I have it from several sources that Mr Calin is upset over the gay issue in Russia. There are unconfirmed and unverified rumours that “gay marriages” have occurred in the parish that he serves. That’d explain the latest outburst… but I warn my readers that although these reports come from several sources (some quite reputable), they’re NOT independently confirmed. It’d be well for the Church to investigate them, especially, in light of past events (the “Lone Ranger” stories from Greenwich Village and the Iliff affair) that happened in the New York metro area. It’s also common “street word” that Calin’s parish is full of homosexuals, more so than the average. Again, I’m not saying that it IS so, I’m saying that it COULD be so, and that the Church would do well to dig into this. We have a duty to find out the truth, and to do something to put things right, if we must. There’ve been a lot of things “out there” since the times of Feodosy Lazor. It’s time to clean up the mess, I’d say. Our first duty is to sort out the facts… to find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. It’s long overdue. We owe it to the memory of Eric Iliff (and to his parents John and Monica), indeed, we owe it to all those hurt by the First Families apparat… shall we have the guts to do it? That remains to be seen…



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