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Monday, 2 September 2013

2 September 2013. Some GOOD NEWS on the Church Front



Most of you are aware that I’m a strong advocate of uniting the OCA, ROCOR, MP/USA, and MP/Canada parishes into one united Russian Orthodox Church in the USA (and united Russian Orthodox Churches in Canada and Alaska). In many ways, Orthodox clergy and people are acting as though that’s been accomplished… that’s a good thing. In Orthodoxy, we usually don’t act until the people have made something “a fact”. Yesterday, at Jordanville, two sources (one OCA, one ROCOR) told me that an OCA priest served at the liturgy. Another source told me that it was Fr Dan Ressetar of Harrisburg PA. None of these sources were related to Fr Dan; none were associated with his parish in Pennsylvania (this is so the “wrong” people aren’t bothered by the plug-uglies out there). This is GOOD NEWS… it means that the healthy elements in Russian Orthodoxy here in the American Diaspora are cooperating. We need MORE of this. God willing, the day of unity isn’t far off (it isn’t, in historical terms,  but I’d love to see it in my lifetime). It’s the “one thing needful” that I pray for daily…



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