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Monday, 2 September 2013

Oh, Those Russians! Putin Visits School in Siberia… Draws Cat’s Ass on Interactive Whiteboard

00 Grumpy Cat Cartoon. 02.09.13


President Vladimir Putin left some Russian schoolchildren with an unusual souvenir when he visited them on Monday… his artistic recreation of a cat‘s ass. Putin visited Middle School No 7 in the Kurgan Oblast in the Ural Federal District to greet pupils on the start of the new school year, as well as to see the results of repairs to the school using federal funds he’d ordered last February. Putin took an interest in an interactive whiteboard in the school’s IT department, and after learning it could be written on simply using a finger, he sketched an image that wasn’t immediately recognisable to everyone. He told the students, “This is for you to remember”. When one asked what the doodle was, Putin answered with a smile, “It’s a cat… from the back”. Putin isn’t the only presidential figure to use the feline form as an artistic subject. Former US President George W Bush took up painting following his retirement from the White House in 2009. Although Bush allegedly painted over 50 dog portraits, one of his newest works, revealed last week, pictured a cat lounging over the edge of what appears to be a refrigerator.

2 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

No, this isn’t a Little Vova joke. It’s the real deal, no lie. If nothing else, it proves that VVP has a puckish sense of humour… and he didn’t need a bong of wacky tabacky to help it along! Raise a glass and cheer! He’s no prissy misery-guts Born Again, that’s for certain. Oh, those Russians!



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