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Thursday, 5 September 2013

American Catholic Bishops Oppose Strike on Syria

00 Bomb in Damascus. 05.12


On Thursday, according to American media sources, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) sent a letter to US President Barack Obama, in which they called upon him not to conduct a military operation in Syria. The letter said that the US government should “work urgently and tirelessly” with other countries to put an end to the Syrian conflict. The bishops condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but at the same time pointed up that Pope Francisco Bergoglio and Middle Eastern Christian leaders urged the international community to avoid military action. The USCCB letter noted, “They’ve made ​​it clear that military intervention would be counter-productive, it’d exacerbate an already-dangerous situation, and it’d have negative consequences”.

5 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

John Boehner screams that he’s a down n’ dirty Catholic. Well, his bishops have made it clear that his warmongering stance on Syria is evil and beyond the pale. Is he going to repent and change his tune, or, is he going to persist on the hellbound trail? Only time will tell us… Mr Boehner’s past doesn’t give one grounds for optimism, does it? After all, he’s one of the best-paid prostitutes for the insurance lobby…

Oh, one last thing… is the USCCB going to pull the sacraments from Mr Boehner for his warmongering and opposition to single-payer healthcare in obstinate and stubborn defiance of many Vatican declarations on these topics? It’s only fair (especially, since Mr Boehner made noises about “pro-abortion” politicians… the shoe does pinch when it’s on your foot, doesn’t it, Mr Boehner?).



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