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Friday, 6 September 2013

6 September 2013. Calin’s Russophobic Diatribe “Disappears” from OCA NYC Cathedral Website

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One of the Cabinet wrote me:

Just to let you know the bishop saw that… and we all know that that post was about gay rights.

I’m told that Dahulich doesn’t like Calin one bit. I’d advise Bishop Michael to be cool and do it right. RETIRE the SOB… give him a big sendoff party… cry BIG crocodile tears. We all know about doctors finding “unexpected health problems”, and how said health problems lead to premature retirements! Calin’s not worth the bother of attacking frontally… but there are OTHER ways that the streetwise and pragmatic know all about. Then, you put your own boy in there… that’s how it’s done by those “in the know”.

Calin’s been cruising for a bruising for years… I don’t think that we’re going to hear many tears when he’s finally winkled out… remember, Dahulich has to attend the party and CRY BIG TEARS… and Calin will have to smile at it all. There… I think that Bishop Michael’s already smilin’ at that one…



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