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Friday, 6 September 2013

The EP Thinks that there should Only be One Local Church in Estonia in Future



Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis said that there must be only one Local Church in Estonia in future. On Thursday, at a press conference in Tallinn, he explained that’s what he sees as an “ideal” situation, but for now, “firstly, it’s necessary to lead a peaceful, friendly coexistence”. Patriarch Bartholomew said that the EP’s Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church {led by a Greek Quisling interloper who hardly knows Russian or Estonian… he’s Bart’s bagman, nothing more: editor} desires that, and he hopes that the MP wishes the same. On Wednesday night, Patriarch Bartholomew arrived in Estonia after an invitation from Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves {he has the support of the neoliberal Crapitalists and is a pro-American toad: editor}. Already, he’s met with Mr Ilves, Ene Ergma, the Speaker of Parliament, Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, and Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet. However, the Estonian media emphasised that this visit doesn’t include a meeting of Patriarch Bartholomew with Metropolitan Kornely Yakobs, the First Hierarch of the Estonian Orthodox Church/MP. They noted that the main reason for the schism is unresolved problems surrounding church properties, arbitrarily turned over by the Estonian state to the EP body. The MP group has to “rent” its buildings from the EP. Currently, the MP group has about 170,000 believers, whilst the EP has only about 30,000, mostly ethnic Estonians.

6 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

Firstly, note that of 200,000 Orthodox in Estonia, 85 percent are in the MP body. By the way, the MP has the same proportion of Orthodox in the Ukraine. In both cases, neo-Fascist politicians suck up to minority schismatics for “nationalistic” reasons. In both cases, most of world Orthodoxy doesn’t recognise the interlopers.

Ilves is a racist bigot who hates the Russian minority; he has no place in decent society, but Langley props him up. On top of that, he’s a violent pro-Free Marketeer… his past as a “Social Democrat” seems to have disappeared. In short, he’s one of the more feral politicians in the world today, and one can see that he invited Bart to suck up to his American paymasters. Don’t forget that the Estonian state unapologetically praises the Estonians who VOLUNTARILY fought for the Nazis in the VOV. That means that they have no place in the decent international community. Ansip sucks up to the surviving Nazi veterans, as he said, “I can’t agree with those who think that your struggle was in vain. When people do their duty to their people and country, how can we call that meaningless?” He stands convicted by his own words… this is simply beyond the pale… he lauds Nazi collaborators. Ms Ergma is an extreme nationalist, albeit of a populist stamp… her background is in physics, but her political positions are simplistic to the point of absurdity. Paet is an immature brat (under forty)… who doesn’t speak Russian! The main foreign policy problems of Estonia are with Russia… and this rightwing brat doesn’t even speak Russian! He DOES speak English… which means that he can hear “His Master’s Voice” from Langley loud n’ clear.

As for the “Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church”… it’s an illegitimate body that exists only to steal money from the MP. Neo-Nazi fascist Estonian politicians enabled its foundation… it shares their mucky background and dodgy present. It makes me feel wretched just to contemplate and write of such amoral and indecent slugs. This shows that the EP hasn’t ceased being Langley’s faithful running dog. Since the time of the coup against  Maximos Vaportzis, that’s been so, it shall remain so for the foreseeable future, I fear. That’s sad…

One last thing… Kornely Yakobs IS Estonian… and the head of the EP interlopers isn’t. Yet, the Estonian neo-fascists prefer the latter… tells a great deal about them, doesn’t it?


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