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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Man Accused of Bribing Voters with Vodka in Chita

00 Russian Vodka. 08.09.13


On Sunday, local cops said that a man faces charges of bribing voters with vodka during regional legislative elections in Chita, in Zabaikalsky Krai. The 23-year-old suspect allegedly took three men to a polling station in his car and asked them to vote for a member of the Civic Platform party, promising to reward them with vodka. A police spokesman said, “After the men cast their vote, he gave each of them a bottle of vodka”. The man faces a fine of up to 2,500 roubles (75 USD. 78 CAD. 82 AUD. 57 Euros. 48 UK Pounds). On Sunday, Zabaikalsky Krai held elections for governor, regional legislators, and heads of seven municipal districts.

8 September 2013





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