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Monday, 9 September 2013

9 September 2013. CNN and the Neocon/Interventionist Pigs SILENT on Ma’loula Enormities

00 THIS is what the USA wants in Syria. 09.09


CNN blatted away in the breakroom today at work. There was NOT ONE WORD SPOKEN on the Golgotha of Syrian Christians. It was “Go to hell, go directly to hell, and don’t bother us, for you don’t matter in our New World Order”. This is an outrage. No one’s standing up for Syrian Christians and Alawis in Washington. NO ONE. There’s much posturing, and much self-righteous indignation about a supposed “chemical attack” that’s not even confirmed, but the actual killing of Christians, Alawis, and Shiites, and the torching of their homes, businesses, and houses of worship doesn’t even merit a footnote. If anything is EVIL, this is evil. It’s an absolute inversion of reality; it’s the substitution of a dream world for the real world. These people are the enemies of everything decent and honourable… they may be well-spoken… they may be well-groomed… they may be “nice” and have all the right “credentials”, but they’re evil to the bone and false to the core. They’re poster children for Hannah Arendt‘s concept of the Banality of Evil… they’re modern-day Eichmanns (who wasn’t a “monster” at all… he was a faceless dweeb). They drool with pleasure at their “indignation”… you see, they’re so much “better” than we hoi polloi, dontcha know.  They shudder over what may be nothing but a manufactured provocation, but they’re silent on the actual murders and rapine in Ma’loula. NOT ONE WORD was said about Ma’loula. NOTHING. If that doesn’t tell you that the American political class (both Republicans and Democrats) is in league with evil and corrupt to the bone, I don’t know what to say to you.

NO WAR IN SYRIA… that’s the beginning and end of it all.

As for we Orthodox people, I’d say that the konvertsy have a choice to make. Shall they stand with us ethnic Orthodox, who’re 100 percent behind our Syrian co-religionists, or, shall they stand with the American neocons/interventionists? If they don’t want to be part of us… hey, that’s OK, but if you’re not going to stand and be counted when one of the family is being threatened and beaten by the self-righteous American neo-Puritans, leave us. That’s honest, at least. Russians, Serbs, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Carpatho-Russians, Belarusians, you name ’em, we’re all behind Syria. The Amerikantsy will have to decide whether they’re going to make a real home with us, or, whether they’re going to spin off into irrelevancy. I don’t hold out much hope… placard waving never did much good… shall they come to understand that? Only time will tell us…



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