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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Only in Russia… Woman Suspected of Burning Ex Alive Over Broken Phone in Krasnodar

00 Vodka. 14.09.13


Editor’s Foreword:

This is kinda a rad way of saying, “The thrill is gone”, isn’t it? Betcha that there was more than a small amount of vodka (consumed by the parties involved beforehand, that is) in the mix for this one…



A spirited family squabble ended in tragedy in Krasnodar. On Friday, the SKP in the southern Russian city said that a man died of severe burns more than a week after his ex-wife doused him in spirits and set him on fire after he smashed her phone. They said that the woman is now under investigation on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm resulting in negligent homicide, adding that she faces up to 15 years in jail. In a statement, the Krasnodar Krai SKP said that the couple was divorced for more than two years, but were still living together… along with their 11-year-old son… and often argued. On the evening of 2 September, reportedly, the 43-year-old woman was talking on the phone to their son, who was at summer camp, when the 45-year-old man grabbed the phone from her and smashed it, before going to sleep on her bed. The SKP statement said, “The woman, outraged by her ex-husband’s behaviour, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a cup of spirits and a lighter, poured it [the spirits] over him and set fire to him. After he caught fire, the woman immediately began to put out the flames, then, she called emergency medical services and the police”. The man sustained burns to 41 percent of his body and died in hospital on 10 September.

13 September 2013





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