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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1 October 2013. The Republicans Shut Down the Government at the Behest of their Oligarch Paymasters… Patriotism at its Best, No?

00 Republicans Shut Down Government. 01.10.13


The Republicans shut down the government at the behest of their oligarch puppeteers. They always tell us how PATRIOTIC they are; they wrap themselves up in the flag at every opportunity. Yet, John Boehner served in the US Navy for only eight weeks, he didn’t even finish basic training… he had a “bad back”, poor baby. By the way, that “bad back” didn’t stop him from playing American football during high school, nor did it hinder him from working and going to college at the same time. Interesting, ain’t it… his back was bad enough to prevent him from serving his country in the forces during the Vietnam War, but good enough to take slams playing football. That sounds fishy to me. Interestingly enough, Boehner’s actually one of the BETTER Republicans, at least, he covered his ass by signing up.

The Republicans don’t live up to their rhetoric… Rush Limbaugh refused to serve during the Vietnam War; he claimed that he had a cyst on his arse… Wet Willy Romney had his gazillionaire daddy buy him a phony “clergy deferment” during the Vietnam War; he was a Mormon “missionary” in darkest FrancePaul Ryan refused to serve at all (but he did read and admire Ayn Rand!)… but you have to admire Richard Cheney for honesty, “I had better things to do with my life”. Oh, yes… Clint Eastwood was a lifeguard at Ft Ord during the Korean War (as anyone who served knows, if you volunteer for the combat zone, you get it… that is, Eastwood was a yellow gutless coward who stayed home whilst others faced the danger… typical contemporary Republican, by the way).

John Boehner is one of the main beneficiaries of political contributions from Big Insurance. That is, he’s a bought n’ paid-for whore. Keep that in mind as you hear his fulminations about the ACA. If we had single-payer healthcare in this country, John Boehner would lose one of the largest sources of his boodle (like most congressmen of all political stripes, he’s corrupt to the bone). That’d be a tragedy, wouldn’t it? Follow the money… it leads to interesting places…



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