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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8 October 2013. Dahulich Pushing “Monastic Typikon” Silliness on Parishes

00 Ruki vverkh! Hands Up! 08.10.13


I’m hearing reports (in the plural) that Dahulich pressured some parishes to have a Reader intone verses during the singing of the Beatitudes. Yes, this is an old monastic custom (but only in some monasteries, not all), and I’ve heard that a ROCOR parish does this once in a while, but it appears that Pope Dahulich is pushing his weight around again. The insertion of the verses in the Beatitudes isn’t parochial usage, never has been. Such fol-de-rol isn’t god-pleasing, it’s overblown and pointless idiocy. Monasteries are monasteries and parishes are parishes, sheesh! This is one of the reasons why the late sobor rejected Dahulich for the white hat. Remember, Dahulich and the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smisko had a real donnybrook. Dahulich doesn’t know when to quit or when to lie low. He’d best watch his step, his arrogance is starting to piss people off. He’s gotten off on the wrong foot in New York and New Jersey, he’d best watch out in NEPA… that’s Old School Metropolia turf.



8 October 2013. Perhaps, the Most Fave Internet Meme in Russia… “Иван Грозный убивает… всех” … “Ivan Grozny Kills… All”

00 Ivan Grozny Kills... the Statue of Liberty. 08.10.13

Ivan Grozny kills… the Statue of Liberty


00 Ivan Grozny Kills... R2D2. 08.10.13

Ivan Grozny kills… R2D2


00 Ivan Grozny Kills... Kenny. 08.10.13

Ivan Grozny kills… Kenny


It’s one of the most fave internet memes in Russia. It’s gotten even more popular after the recent kafuffle concerning Repin’s painting. If you don’t believe me, run a Google search on Иван Грозный убивает… всех (you have to do it in Russian for it to work properly). Most of ’em are a hoot-and-a-half, and you’ll laugh your fool head off at some of them (I certainly did). There’ll always be a Russia… thank God for that! Have a smile…


8 October 2013. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… This is the REAL Motivation Behind the Republican Shutdown. Any Questions?

00 American Democracy. 08.10.13

8 October 2013. Tweedledum and Tweedledee… Lyonyo and Gan… Two Identical Twins Under the Skin… The First Families DO Stick Together, Kids

00 Patriarch Kirill on freedom and responsibility. 08.10.13


One of the Cabinet sent me this gem from Lyonyo:

Dear Parishioners of the Church of Our Lady of Kazan,

I’m forwarding to you an invitation from Fr Serafim Gan to the 60th Anniversary Celebration of St Seraphim Church in Sea Cliff NY on Saturday, 12 October 2013. It’d be very good if some of you could attend the Liturgy on the morning of 12 October at St Seraphim Church, and also the festive meal at the Swan Club. Please consult the information in the invitation concerning the price of the Swan Club event, and the contact information for making the reservations.

With love in the Lord,

Fr Leonid Kishkovsky

Church of Our Lady of Kazan

Sea Cliff NY

The dinner at the country club is 65 bucks (2,100 Roubles. 67 CAD. 69 AUD. 48 Euros. 40 UK Pounds) per head (45 bucks (1,450 Roubles. 47 CAD. 48 AUD. 33 Euros. 28 UK Pounds) for kids). What’re they serving? Filet mignon with truffle sauce? Lobster alongside sturgeon bisque? No such luck, I’ll warrant… it’ll probably be nasty old crudités with rubber chicken as the entrée. The redolence of “let them eat cake” fills the room, doesn’t it? Lyonyo and Gan are First Family stalwarts… they’re two of the jerks holding back Russian Orthodox unity here in the USA. You see, if there were unity, some of the First Family drones would lose their sinecures and boltholes. There’s not much money involved… but there IS power over people involved, and that motivates the plug-uglies more emphatically than money ever does.

Do note well that Lyonyo doesn’t apologise for all of the nastiness that he poured on the ROCOR people during the Sea Cliff dispute in the late 70s. We gotta “understand”. An ordinary person has to wear sackcloth and ashes, and plead for absolution for years at the door of the Church if they do something only a tenth as bad as Lyonyo did. However, if you’re a First Family clergymen… well, don’t be glum! You get that special First Family “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Not only do you not have to repent or do any penance, you’ll receive praise as being “indispensable” and “god-pleasing”. Yet, I’ll bet you that Lyonyo won’t show up… I know that many of the ROCOR people are still (understandably) bitter over what he did (and never repented for).

God will not be mocked…


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