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Thursday, 10 October 2013

US House Republican: Fiscal Deal Could Come by Friday

00 Jesus Foreign Born Socialist. 10.10.13


On Thursday, US Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX) said that he was hopeful that House of Representatives Republicans and the Obama administration could strike a deal by Friday on legislation raising the US debt limit and funding the federal government. Sessions, chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, said that over the next 15 hours or so, the White House and House Republicans would work on “defining parameters to see if we can make progress”. If they achieve progress, the two sides would then try to complete a deal, possibly on Friday.

11 October 2013 (MSK)

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The real reason for the sudden thaw is a recent Gallup Poll. People blame the Republicants for the shutdown and for not caring about how it affects ordinary folk. Only 28 percent of those polled favour what the Republicans are doing, and if we held the election tomorrow, the GOP, most likely, would lose control of the House of Representatives. However, there are 40 hardcore Tea Party fanatics… they’re all Born-Again loons. Orthodox people should watch that bunch carefully, the konvertsy are in bed with them (and want to spread such soulless rot in the Church). I’ll tell the Tea Party pukes… there were FAR MORE Obama bumper stickers than Romney stickers in the car-park at St T’s this year (it’s one of the reasons that the Valley went for the Prez, not for the Republicants in the election)… we outnumber you… do watch out, it’s our living room that you’re shitting in, after all…




10 October 2013. A Photo Essay. From the Russian Web… It’s Autumn!

00 It's Autumn! 01. Harrogate ENGLAND UK. 10.10.13

Harrogate (Borough of HarrogateNorth YorkshireYorkshire and the Humber Region) ENGLAND UK


00 It's Autumn! 02. Crawford Notch NH USA. 10.10.13

Crawford Notch (Carroll/Coos Counties. Crawford Notch State Park) NH USA


00 It's Autumn! 03. Krasnoyarsk Krai RF. 10.10.13

Krasnoyarsk Krai RF


00 It's Autumn! 04. Potsdam GERMANY. 10.10.13

Potsdam (Bundesland Brandenburg) GERMANY


00 It's Autumn! 05. Vail CO USA. 10.10.13

Vail (Eagle County) CO USA


00 It's Autumn! 06. Stolby State Nature Reserve. Krasnoyarsk Krai RF. 10.10.13

Stolby State Nature Reserve. Krasnoyarsk Krai RF


00 It's Autumn! 07. Tower Bridge. London ENGLAND UK. 10.10.13

Tower Bridge. London (Greater London Region) ENGLAND UK


00 It's Autumn! 08. Pickering ENGLAND UK. 10.10.13

Pickering (Ryedale DistrictNorth YorkshireYorkshire and the Humber Region) ENGLAND UK


00 It's Autumn! 09. Salem SD USA. 10.10.13

Salem (McCook CountySD USA


00 It's Autumn! 10. Lakino. Krasnoyarsk Krai RF. 10.10.13

Night Harvesting, Lakino (Bolshemurtinsky Raion. Krasnoyarsk Krai) RF


10 October 2013. Warning! An Anti-Christian “Conservative” Site Pretending to be Orthodox!

04 Raul Castro with Patriarch Kirill


Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev


04b Kirill and Zyuganov


01 His Holiness Patriarch Kirill with Cuban Ambassador and Cuban MDs


My Yahoo Alerts brought me something interesting today. False… yes… mendacious… yes… fraudulent… yes. It calls itself orthodoxnet.com. It’s konvertsy rubbish of the worst kind. It attempts to make the point that Orthodoxy and Neoliberal “Conservatism” are soulmates. There’s nothing further from the truth. Look at the above images. HH is friends with Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, and Gennady Zyuganov (he refuses to meet with rightwing Free Market slimeballs like Prokhorov, for instance), and he condemns the Free Market Madness of the US Republican Party. Oh, yes… the fourth image above is HH receiving Cuban doctors in Moscow. HH thinks that the Cuban socialised medical system rocks… it’s why Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the USA has. HH is FOR socialised medicine… he’s FOR the social safety net… he’s FOR economic equity and he’s against “Economic Freedom” as preached by Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner. Most of all, HH is AGAINST the American aggression let loose on the world since 1991… and George W Bush‘s “Global War on Terror” was the most egregious example of that.

In short, orthodoxnet.com is meretrious and noxious rubbish put out by someone with no knowledge of what HH really teaches and advocates. Let me assure you, the rest of the real episcopate stands behind HH… although phonies like Fathausen, Dahulich, and Moriak are for the Anti-Christian Right. Mark this down well… I can give you images of HH confabbing with Leftists… he avoids Rightwing Pigs. We should follow his example! After all, it was the Bushies who planned and executed the dastardly sneak attack on Tskhinval that started with a Grad bombardment of sleeping civilians at 00.15 MSK at night. Only the selfless bravery of the Ossetian militia and quick reaction of the Russian Army foiled the Bush “conservatives”. According to Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Deputy Chief of the RF Armed Forces General Staff, the USA planned and supported the Georgian offensive against South Ossetia (that is, if you support the aims of orthodoxnet.com, you support unbridled and unprincipled American aggression throughout the world). As President Putin said at the time, “This wasn’t decent. Civilised people don’t act like this” (but American “conservatives” do!).

If support the American Right you support a Satanic drive for global hegemony… it can’t be put any other way. If you support orthodoxnet.com, you support the bombardment of sleeping civilians, the shredding of the social contract, and the dismantlement of all government protections for ordinary folks. That ain’t Christian, kids. You can stand with HH or you can stand with the “conservatives”… it’s up to you. Choose well…


10 October 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Ex-Teacher Sent for Psychiatric Treatment for Treaty With Satan

01 madman


On Wednesday, a Russian court sentenced a former teacher to compulsory psychiatric treatment, as she drafted a contract with the devil in her own blood, asking him to destroy a beloved pupil’s relationship. Earlier, experts concluded that the ex-teacher, Lyudmila Osipova, was unaware of what she was doing and required psychiatric treatment. The court ruled that she should “undergo forceful medical treatment in a specialised psychiatric ward”. Osipova, a 41-year-old from Volgograd, developed an infatuation with a man in his 20s while working at a computer literacy class several years ago. On Thursday, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that she tried to reconnect with the judo enthusiast after quitting her job in 2009 by joining a social networking website and posing as a model half her real age. When the man met Osipova in person, immediately, he turned down her overtures, saying that he already had a girlfriend that he intended to marry. The woman tried to break up the relationship by signing a contract with the devil that stipulated exchanging Osipova’s soul for a younger body, 100 million roubles (3.1 million USD. 3.22 million CAD. 3.3 million AUD. 2.3 million Euros. 1.95 million UK Pounds), a Jaguar and a Volkswagen, a helicopter, and some bodyguards. After that scheme failed, Osipova turned to the underworld for help and hired a contractor to help end her prey’s relationship. In a recorded conversation with a police officer posing as a contractor, she told him, “Put her on drugs for a couple of weeks in order to develop an addiction, gang-rape her too, and film it for him to see”. Osipova’s plan was for her target to be beaten so severely as to induce amnesia and then for her to nurse him back to health.

10 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

It takes all kinds to make a world, schemers like Lyonyo and Gan, soulless guns-for-hire like John Boehner and James Carville, single-issue monomaniacs like Ted Cruz and Al Gore, and barmy nutters like this one. Such sorts make us forget that the majority of people are rather decent and sane… but we don’t “get into the paper”, do we? Sigh…

By the way, KP is the equivalent of the New York Post or The Sun. It’s “all the shit that’s fit to print”. It’s a rollicking read, and most of it’s true… there are all kinds of red-top tabs, and KP is one of the better of the lot. Besides, don’t you want to know who’s doing what to whom, you dirty-minded sinner, you?


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