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Friday, 11 October 2013

US Democrats Believe Republicans Painted Themselves into a Corner

00 Obama outfoxes the Tea Party. 11.10.13


William Galston, holder of the Ezra K Zilkha Chair in Governance Studies and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and former policy advisor to President Clinton talked with VOR.


Let’s start with Boehner‘s complaints that “nothing is on the table”. Why aren’t Republicans and Democrats negotiating, prolonging the shutdown, which has already cost the USA around 2.5 billion dollars (81 billion Roubles. 2.6 billion CAD. 2.65 billion AUD. 1.9 billion Euros. 1.6 billion UK Pounds)?


Well, it’s a very complicated situation with historical roots. As you may recall, President Obama and Speaker Boehner had long unsuccessful negotiations in similar circumstances two years ago, in 2011. That destroyed the bounds of trust between those two men. More recently, the Senate passed a budget resolution, then, it asked the House of Representatives for negotiations to resolve the differences between the two houses of Congress. Senate Democrats requested those negotiations repeatedly over a period of six months, but they never began. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of confidence that the call for negotiations right now is sincere. Many Democrats believe that the Republicans painted themselves into a corner and are now looking desperately for a way out. Eventually, there’ll be talks, but President Obama’s position is that he won’t conduct those talks with a gun to his head.


Well, that makes sense. Some people liken the Republicans to terrorists. In fact, I’ve read in different newspapers that you don’t negotiate with terrorists. Therefore, it makes sense that Obama doesn’t want to negotiate with the Republicans in this sense.


Firstly, I’m not calling Republicans terrorists, maybe, other people are. Secondly, the irony is that many governments do negotiate with terrorists, including governments who say that they never will. Therefore, it’s a complicated situation.

9 October 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The Republicans’ poll numbers keep dropping… only 24 percent of the general population favour them, whereas 72 percent of the “Tea Party faithful” want them to go even further. Firstly, this means that the Tea Party, at most, has the support of one-third of the electorate. To cater to this group, the GOP must piss off the rest of us. In short, it’s a débâcle of 1964 proportions in the making. The Republicans will win in heavily-Born Again districts in the South, but not much else. That is, the Republican Party may become a permanent minority party… that’s what happens when you cater to a minority of the population. White Anglo Proddies aren’t the majority in this country… haven’t been for a long time, thank God.

Oh, yes… the ethnic Orthodox people in the last election went heavily for the Prez… I guess that the open and noxious Republican racism was just a tad too thick (but the konvertsy loons went for Romney… why doesn’t that surprise anyone?)…


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