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Saturday, 12 October 2013

12 October 2013. A Cabinet Update on the Doings of Mark Maymon and Gerasim Eliel

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I got this from a loyal Cabineteer:

Bishop Mark Maymon is swanning around Pennsylvania wanting Mollard‘s old job. Gerasim Eliel is at St Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas… the boys there just love him… he went to a parish in the OCA Diocese of the South and some of the “powers that be” thought he was too “obvious”, as is Webber who was Abbot at Fatso’s monastery.

There’d be no worse combination than Maymon and NEPA, no doubt on that. Those are Old School Metropolia parishes… yet, I don’t think that we have any worries. The clergy there are hip to things and have connections (they’re not puffed-up Angliochian phonies). Maymon has no more chance of taking over the Valley than a baby in a drinking contest. That’s a no-brainer…

The last that I knew, Gerasim Eliel was bunking in with Tikhon Fitz on Michelorena Street in LA. As for Eliel being “obvious”, he was connected with post-deposition Gleb Podmoshensky, and that says it all, doesn’t it? Let’s see… Fatso and Brum were tied up with him, too, weren’t they? I’ll not tell you what to do, but do follow the trail, and do connect the dots. Shitbirds of a feather do flock together…

I’d not worry about either one… Mollard’s too bovine to get into trouble before Lyonyo et al got wind of it and scotched it. Sometimes, “bovine” isn’t a prejorative… it’s what you need (I think that you know what I mean)…


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