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Saturday, 12 October 2013

US Government Shutdown Becomes an Internet Joke

00 US Government Shutdown 01. Time to Reclaim the Colonies! 04.10.13


Editor’s Note:

This is from last week, but it’s lost none of its bite, as the Republicants continue to stonewall. Don’t they see their numbers falling into the cellar? Be wary of fanatics, but be especially wary of religious fanatics… for they aren’t amenable to ANY reason, after all, God told them so! Most of the Tea Party nutters are Born Again Loons… they wouldn’t listen to anyone (let alone sinful ol’ you and me), they wouldn’t listen even if Christ Himself were to come down from Heaven, to speak frankly. Some of the konvertsy are just like them… do be warned.



The US government shutdown, now in its fourth day, has hurt hundreds of thousands of federal workers who aren’t being paid as Congress and President Barack Obama try to figure out how to strike a deal on the national budget. A serious issue, no doubt. However, often in times of crisis, humour becomes a way for people to cope with circumstances that are seemingly out of their control. Enter memes… which produced some of the funniest online jokes about the shutdown.

[I reproduced the funniest one above… for the rest, click on the link below]

4 October 2013

Suleiman Wali




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