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Monday, 14 October 2013

Poll Sez Over Half of Russians Say Life is Hard, But Bearable

00 Russian Party. Three Generations at Table. The Evil Empire! 09.07.13

Russians don’t have the Me First attitudes of Americans… remember, “the Evil Empire” was the invention of a slobbering old doddard who was one of the greatest enablers of evil in the 20th century. Red October happened for a reason…


According to a new survey released by the independent Levada-Centre on Monday, some 57 percent of Russians feel that life is hard, but bearable, five percentage points higher than in 2011. 25 percent of respondents said that the phrase “things aren’t that bad, it’s liveable” best sums up their view of life. This is four percentage points lower than two years ago. 15 percent said that “our disastrous situation is intolerable” best expressed their feelings, against 17 percent in 2011 and 32 percent in 1994, whilst three percent didn’t answer… unchanged over the last poll. Levada conducted the survey on 20-24 September 2013 amongst 1,601 urban and rural residents aged 18 and above in 130 cities, towns, and villages across 45 Russian federal subjects. The statistical margin of error was +/- 3.4 percent.

14 October 2013




14 October 2013. Cabiniteer Sends in Tentative Details of Bobby’s Plea Deal



I got this from a loyal and trustworthy Cabineteer (who sent me a verifiable and solid-gold source):

While we’ll have to wait for official confirmation, scuttlebutt is that RSK will accept the following deal:

  • 8 years probation
  • 2 years on an ankle bracelet
  • 25,000 USD (808,000 Roubles. 26,000 CAD. 26,400 AUD. 18,500 Euros. 15,700 UK Pounds) to HSOC Venice FL upfront, the balance in monthly instalments
  • No trial
  • No retaliatory lawsuit against the parish or the membership of the parish council

So far, no confirmation that the deal’s been accepted.

There it is. That’s some heavy-duty plea… it looks as though somebody (or a whole lot of somebodies) sat on Bobby to make him deal. Did the Holy Synod make him walk the plank? Dahulich would be for that, it weakens the Syosset gang. There’s also a guy overlooked by many. A contact at the Centre told me to keep my eye on Alexander Golitzin, that he was more important than he looks. ‘Tis true, he’s put the Diocese of the Midwest to rights and ended all of Moriak’s silliness and meddling.

The Holy Synod meets tomorrow… Bobby and Storheim are going to dominate the closed session, I’m sure. Remember, there’s a vacuum at the top. If I were to hazard a guess, the contest will be between Dahulich and Golitzin. Mel is too ill… Nikon has cancer… Benjamin is spoilt goods… Mark Maymon is a joke. Who will Lyonyo back? I don’t know… no one does. Jillions is a cipher, as is Tosi. Mollard makes the perfect frontman for the Synod. He’ll not have any inconvenient ideas of his own, he’ll beam at all concerned, and he’ll say nothing with a great amount of verbiage.

As I say, no one knows how the tussle will end… and it may not end for a while, yet. Neither Dahulich nor Golitzin is stupid. It’ll be interesting (with all that “interesting” implies)…



14 October 2013. A Thought During This Government Shutdown by Rightwing Terrorists…

00 Look at the Bright Side of the Shutdown. 14.10.13


Indeed, this shutdown may reduce Norquist‘s nutty-squirrel notions to a size that’ll make it easy to “drown it in the bathtub”. I’d pay to see that… and I’m not alone (hat tip to all the courageous Left folks in Orthodox parishes who’re pushed around by rightwing pukes… it won’t last forever, kids). Don’t forget… the Valley went for the Prez because most ethnic Orthodox people “came home”. Don’t be fooled by the loud sorts. We still outnumber ’em… and haven’t forgotten Baba and Dede’s courage during the sit-down strike days. Trust me, their legacy still lives…


14 October 2014. Only in Russia! If You Wanna Fly Into Space… You Gotta Go to Russia!

00 European Space Agency cosmonaut Samantha Cristoforetti. Star City RUSSIA. 14.10.13


European Space Agency cosmonaut Samantha Cristoforetti prepares for a training exercise in a centrifuge at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Zvyozdny Gorodok in Moscow Oblast. Cristoforetti is scheduled to be a part of a mission to the International Space Station in November 2014. The USA has to shoot its cosmonauts into space from Baikonur, because the USA wasted its space exploration dollars on pointless wars of aggression on the Afro-Eurasian mainland and shameless tax giveaways to the Affluent Effluent (Wet Willy Romney deserved to be bustin’ rocks for tax evasion, not running for US President… sheesh!). You see, there’s a cost to unpatriotic Me-First Republican obstructionism. American cosmonauts have to go to Russia to fly into space. Am I the only person to see something wrong with that picture? If you support the Republican Party, you oppose America’s independent role in space… all so that some lazy investor can go to the country club and buy a cheesy poorly-made McMansion (unerneath the glitzy exterior is nothing but a cheap plyboard frame on a concrete slab built by unskilled labour… a disaster in the making… an apt metaphor for Republican greed and stuidity). What a buncha maroons!


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