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Saturday, 26 October 2013

26 October 2013. Ask Your Priest to Pray for Greg Sulich… It’s What Christians Do…

00 St Paul. Gregory Sulich. Eternal Memory. Inna Myalo. 26.10.13


I’ve gotten input from the Cabinet on the death of Greg Sulich. I met him only once myself… he seemed a right decent sort. Ask your priest to mention his name in the Prokomidi and say Pannikhida for him. Light a candle for him at Liturgy tomorrow… it’s what Christians do.

The artwork is The Breathing of a Soul by Inna Myalov (2009). I’ve started putting my name on my “posters” (and only on them… photos and cartoons aren’t my work… putting my name on them would be fraud). That’s because people have asked me if I’ve done this one or that one. I don’t want it overly conspicuous… look in the lower-right corner… that’s where my “signature” will be.



Snowden: The Only Solzhenitsyn We Deserve

00 Cuz Freedom Ain't Free. 26.10.13


Is the former NSA analyst a modern-day dissident? There are many interesting similarities between Edward Snowden and the famous Russian dissident writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008). The most recent example of these is the interview Snowden recently gave to the New York Times explaining his actions; he denied rumours that he’d passed American secrets to the Russian and Chinese special services. This interview came too late. It took place several months after the peak of the Snowden hysteria. In the same way, many viewed Solzhenitsyn’s return to Russia in 1994, 20 years after his exile from the USSR in 1974, as belated… ­ it should’ve taken place in 1989-91 as the Soviet state was collapsing.

In the interview, Snowden explained that he didn’t consider his action anti-American and that he didn’t carry any sensitive documents after releasing the information on the NSA’s surveillance programmes to journalists in Hong Kong. He also defended himself against accusations of working for Chinese or Russian intelligence, stating that he’d carefully protected sensitive data from Chinese intelligence officers because he’d studied Chinese intelligence intensively and was well aware of its capabilities. In the interview, Snowden added that the NSA knew that he hadn’t revealed any secrets to the Chinese. For Snowden’s reputation, these explanations also came too late, ­which brings another comparison to Solzhenitsyn. For several months during the spring and summer, American officials mounted an aggressive campaign against Snowden, calling him a traitor, hinting at possible material interests he might be pursuing by making his revelations in Hong Kong and Russia.

Solzhenitsyn was also very careless in terms of personal PR… instead of protecting himself against the accusations of treason mounted against him by the Soviet authorities, he always talked about the global problems of Russia and the world in general, never revealing details of his personal life or otherwise catering to the public’s curiosity. The disparity between Solzhenitsyn and Snowden is in form, not in substance. In the 1950s and 1960s, when Solzhenitsyn wrote his best books, people still read epistolary novels, with letters written by an author of fiction. In Snowden’s time, people prefer the real thing… genuine e-mail messages leaked on the internet. However, in both cases, the authorities reacted the same way. Both the Soviet authorities in Solzhenitsyn’s 1970s and the American authorities in 2013 didn’t deny that the revelations were true.

The authorities just said that the two authors were presenting atypical phenomena. Leonid Brezhnev couldn’t deny the GULag‘s existence, but he said that they were “deviations from the way of Socialist law” and “individual mistakes”. In the same way, the NSA’s defenders in the USA said that the PRISM programme targeted terrorists. They added that it was unfortunate if the NSA sometimes eavesdropped on ordinary citizens; however, this wasn’t standard practise… even if one could count the “individual mistakes” in millions, just like Solzhenitsyn’s revelation about the “archipelago” of labour camps. Some of their compatriots criticised both Solzhenitsyn and Snowden for revealing their findings to foreigners and not to their own domestic bureaucracy. The people who helped Solzhenitsyn transfer the manuscripts of his novels abroad had problems with the KGB, just as the American and British authorities put pressure on the journalists who helped Snowden publicise his secrets.

In both cases, the truth-seekers found some support and understanding abroad. However, here, the similarities of the stories end. Brezhnev could’ve sent Solzhenitsyn to the GULag, the system of camps was still functioning in 1970s, albeit on a smaller scale, but the Soviet leader preferred to avoid a trial, which would’ve been a public relations disaster for the USSR. Instead, he sent Solzhenitsyn to West Germany. Snowden, however, was already in exile when he made his revelations. Since then, US President Barack Obama has attempted to bring him back to the USA to stand trial. In the case of Snowden, the saying is true that history repeats itself not as tragedy, but as a particularly Orwellian type of farce.

21 October 2013

Dmitri Babich

Russia Behind the Headlines               


Editor’s Note:

The Snowden Affair revealed that the WASP Amerikantsy (and those who suck up to them by imitating them) are amongst the most nasty, cruel, egotistical, and foolish hypocrites that the world has ever known. The motto of America is, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. Note well that Vince Lombardi evaded military service in World War II, hiding behind a deferment as a teacher. That’s what America has become… a violent bully bent on winning at all cost, scorning all duties to the greater society. This is especially prevalent in the Republican Party… after all, they nominated a draft-dodgin’ tax evader as President (who sent American jobs to China during the election campaign… now, that’s patriotism for ya! Marx was right… “Capital knows no homeland”).

Edward Snowden’s a hero… those who criticise him are cowardly putzes, all of ‘em, no exception. America’s become a rogue nation… it’s been the main cause of war in the world since 1991. If one can say that any nation sponsors terror, the USA does that in spades with its drone strikes, CIA interventions, and indefinite detention at Guantánamo. The Taliban and Palestinian “terrorists” (the former are mostly Afghan patriots fighting the latest feringhi invader, and the latter have a legit grievance per the UN) are bush-leaguers in comparison… the number of their victims pales in comparison to the pile of dead left by “peaceful” America. The USSR bankrupted itself arming itself to defend itself against American aggression (Iran, Chile, Guatemala, and Nicaragua proved that the USA trampled on all those it considered weaklings)… the USA bankrupted itself reaching for world hegemony whilst coddling the Affluent Effluent at the same time. The two situations are in no way comparable.

WASP Amerikantsy love preaching to all of us (that’s why the konvertsy are forever preaching to we ethnic Orthodox). They’re “better” than all the rest of us, dontcha know… as proven by Wounded Knee, the Trail of Tears, Hiroshima, Agent Orange, and PRISM… I think that I’m going to stop there. Don’t they make you sick beyond all words? God has a special cold corner of Hell for such evil sorts (especially for the Born Agains and their hangers-on… there’s nothing worse than a godless hypocrite spouting religion). May God see this and judge…



Uncanonical Macedonian Orthodox Church Bans Facebook

00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13


Editor’s Note:

This “Church” is uncanonical and no legit group considers it one of the Local Churches. It’s a breakaway rebel group like the so-called “Patriarchate of Kiev”. Remember, ALL oddbod groups in the Church (including some factions in the canonical Church) have squiffy attitudes about this or that. If you wish guidance, don’t look at people like James Paffhausen, Victor Potapov, Patrick Reardon, John Whiteford, Gregory Jensen, or Rod Dreher… look at HH, for instance! He LIKES Facebook and encourages his priests to use it. He also allowed his priests to urge their parishioners to vote against the Right in the last election… and they didn’t vote for them! The rightwing candidates, Prokhorov and Zhirinovsky, got only 15 percent of the vote. The Real Church teaches the Truth… the Others teach Something Else… never forget that, it’ll save you much grief. That’s why you must ignore all the rightwing rubbish posted by the konvertsy… it doesn’t reflect HH’s attitude… and that’s that.



On Friday, Metropolitan Timotej Jovanovski of DebarKičevo, a spokesman for the Macedonian Orthodox Church (Ohrid Archbishopric), ordered its priests and nuns not to use Facebook or face unnamed sanctions, saying, “All clergy will face sanctions if they use Facbook”. He didn’t state a reason for the ban, but sources from the church said that they’d “impose it especially on those expressing personal opinions on Facebook”. Local media reported that one of the senior hierarchs, Metropolitan Petar Karevski of Prespa and Pelagonija, suggested the ruling. He defended the move by saying it was meant to “protect (the faithful) from confusion and manipulations”. The ban seemed to show a rift between senior and junior priests, who often use social networks to attract younger generations to the church by offering them religious education and advice. However, some of them also expressed their personal views on the political situation in the country, sometimes, criticising the government.

Although they’re officially separate, the church has gradually increased its influence in state affairs since Macedonia proclaimed independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. The MOC (OA) split from the Serbian Orthodox Church in 1967, but no other Local Orthodox Church recognises it. Most of Macedonia’s Christians are Orthodox, making up three-quarters of the country’s population of 2.2 million. Ethnic Albanians make up the remaining quarter, being mostly Muslim.

26 October 2013

Sky News


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