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Saturday, 26 October 2013

26 October 2013. Ask Your Priest to Pray for Greg Sulich… It’s What Christians Do…

00 St Paul. Gregory Sulich. Eternal Memory. Inna Myalo. 26.10.13


I’ve gotten input from the Cabinet on the death of Greg Sulich. I met him only once myself… he seemed a right decent sort. Ask your priest to mention his name in the Prokomidi and say Pannikhida for him. Light a candle for him at Liturgy tomorrow… it’s what Christians do.

The artwork is The Breathing of a Soul by Inna Myalov (2009). I’ve started putting my name on my “posters” (and only on them… photos and cartoons aren’t my work… putting my name on them would be fraud). That’s because people have asked me if I’ve done this one or that one. I don’t want it overly conspicuous… look in the lower-right corner… that’s where my “signature” will be.



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