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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

29 October 2013. “Whenever You Have Done This to the Least of These My Brethren, You Have Done It unto Me”

00 Pyramid of the Capitalist System. 1911. IWW


Here’s a distillation of some conversations I had with some Cabineteers…

The Left DOES NOT want to kill people, close all churches, and rule the world. It DOES want to place the “lowest of the low” in a much better place and give the Workin’ Man his FULL due… the fruits of his labour. The aristocrat, the CEO, the idle rich… they do NOT produce anything, let alone wealth! That guy or gal putting in 10 hour days at the understaffed hospital or factory or restaurant… THEY produce the wealth… wealth that speculators (“investors”) and tyrants (idiot bosses) stole from them. Joe Hill was right. Without us, the working class, not a single wheel could turn. By the way, the “managerial class” is mostly a part of the working class… they own no capital; they’re as much “wage slaves” as we are. The oligarchs merely throw them a few more crumbs. If we overturned the oligarchs, we’d still need managers to “manage” the economy… and most of them aren’t bad sorts, at base. They’re not completely in “the man’s” pocket.

In its vehement lust for profit Free Market Crapitalism spawns huge numbers of “cast offs”… human beings it deems “not valuable”. The oligarch’s system spits out the sick, old, disenfranchised (just “who” brought about this disenfranchisement?) and poor… they label us “lazy”, “leeches”, and “entitlement seekers”. Gee… doesn’t all of that apply to the Country Club Set in spades? Their System spawns much wrong. To want to change this is NOT “subversive” or “evil”. It’s a part of the Holy Gospel’s calling! Meditate on Our Lord Christ’s words in the title of this post. Every time that an oligarch throws people out of work to profit himself, he throws Christ out of work. Every time that crooked cops beat up labour organisers at the behest of crooked businessmen, they beat up Christ. You get the picture… and those who do such vileness often dare to call themselves “believers” and make a great show of their religiosity. It’s no wonder that atheism (if not antitheism) looks attractive to many.

Orthodox people should ponder this. All too many “voices” for the Church speak for the Far Right, and not for the majority of the parishioners or for the social justice that Christ Himself blessed. You should oppose Potapov, Paffahausen, Reardon, Mattingly, Rod Dreher, Alexander Webster, and all of their demented followers wherever they pop up. They’re nothing but apologists for a satanic ideology that has no place amongst us. I don’t care how “Pro-Life” you are or how many placards you wave… if you don’t fight for social justice for the living, all of your “Pro-Life” bleats are in vain, and I (and many others) shall oppose you… always and to the limit of my abilities. ‘Nuff said…




29 October 2013. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Gasoline Prices in Europe: Country Rankings

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Gasoline Prices in Europe. Country Rankings. 2013


Russia was one of the three countries with the lowest fuel prices in Europe, finishing in 31st place, only Belarus and Kazakhstan had cheaper gas prices. To learn more about the changes in the cost of fuel in the third quarter of 2013, consult our infographic.

Norway still leads the pack with the most expensive gasoline. As evidenced by an analysis by experts, the cost of 95-octane gasoline converted into Russian Roubles at the beginning of October 2013 in Norway averaged 81.5 Roubles (2.54 USD. 2.66 CAD. 2.68 AUD. 1.85 Euros, 1.58 UK Pounds) per litre. Economically-ravaged Italy is in second place, at 76 Roubles (2.36 USD. 2.47 CAD. 2.50 AUD. 1.72 Euros, 1.48 UK Pounds) per litre of petrol. The Netherlands, one of the top refiners in Europe, rounds out the top three. The cost of 95-octane gasoline in there at the beginning of October was 75 Roubles (2.33 USD. 2.45 CAD. 2.47 AUD. 1.70 Euros, 1.45 UK Pounds) per litre.

At the other end of the rankings, the lowest prices were in oil-producing Kazakhstan, where a litre of 95-octane gasoline cost 29.5 Roubles (0.92 USD. 0.96 CAD. 0.97 AUD. 0.67 Euros, 0.57 UK Pounds). In second-to-last place was Belarus, where petrol cost 32.2 Roubles (1.00 USD. 1.05 CAD. 1.06 AUD. 0.73 Euros, 0.63 UK Pounds) per litre. Economic problems in Belarus led to it losing the position of having the cheapest fuel, a spot it held for some time. Russia rounded out the final three, with an average price of 95-octane gasoline at 32.7 roubles (1.02 USD. 1.07 CAD. 1.08 AUD. 0.74 Euros, 0.64 UK Pounds) per litre, taking 31st place in the ranking. The cheapest diesel fuel was in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus, as well.

22 October 2013





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