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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Priest Linked to FK Zenit Wanted for Suspected Child Sex Abuse

00 Fr Gleb Grozovsky. 06.11.13


On Wednesday, the SKP said that it suspects that an Orthodox priest with links to St Petersburg’s FK Zenit sexually abused two children during a holiday trip to a Greek island. Law enforcement officials said that they have put Fr Gleb Grozovsky on an international wanted list over allegations that he abused two underage girls at an Orthodox summer camp earlier this year. Grozovsky, 34, is suspected of abusing the two girls, aged 9 and 12, in June at a hotel on the grounds of the Philadelphia Orthodox Travel Club on the Greek island of Kos, as well as committing “a range of similar crimes in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast”.

On Wednesday, Grozovsky wrote on his page on the VKontakte social networking site, “… The accusations are fabricated and result from my social activism and firm civil stance”. He said that parents and children’s camp staff were present during the trip and had “seen everything with their own eyes”, adding that he’d been accompanied on the holiday by his family, including his four children. The Diocese of St Petersburg suspended Grozovsky pending the probe, meaning that he retains his clerical status, but he isn’t allowed to carry out any public duties.

The SKP noted that the clergyman, who formerly served a rural parish in Leningrad Oblast, was an adviser to FK Zenit’s general director. A spokesman for Zenit said that Grozovsky, who studied at one of the city’s specialised football schools, doesn’t hold any official office at the football club, but observed that some of the club’s players turned to the priest on an individual basis, saying, “We’ve known Gleb since 2007 and can give positive references”.

Last Friday, a court issued an arrest warrant for Grozovsky, who’s thought to be on a work-related trip to Israel. His defence appealed the ruling. The charges launched against the priest carry a maximum punishment of up to 20 years imprisonment. The accusations are a rare incidence of paedophilia-related cases involving Russian Orthodox clergy. On Wednesday, Fyodor Gorbunov, the mayor of the village where the priest formerly served said that he was “amazed” to hear about the allegations, and gave a positive assessment of Grozovsky’s work, telling RIA-Novosti, “Young people are drawn to him, and he’s a good organiser”.

6 November 2013



Editor’s Note:

THIS is why the Mother Church is more honest. It has to operate in the full glare of scrutiny from the media and government. Here in the diaspora, the Church is small enough to “fall below the radar horizon”, which means that feral sorts such as Lyonyo, Paffso, Potapov, Dreher, Royster, Bobby K, Ray Velencia, and Erickson get away (and got away) with murder. Trust me, had the Iliff affair (click here and here) happened in Russia, they wouldn’t have buried it. To put it bluntly, it’d sell MK millions of copies, and that’s why the media covers stories… to get audiences for their paid adverts. The Church moved quickly after MK broke the story of the sex abuse scandal in the Vladimir Diocese. Watch for similar fast action here… if for no other reason than to scotch the flames. Grozovsky smells like a goner to me…




6 November 2013. Posner Attempted to Bait Zyuganov “On Air”… Gennady Andreyevich Cut Posner a New Dzopa!

00 Gennady Zyuganov. Pyotr Simonenko. KPRF. 02.03.13


Recently, Vladimir Posner, the sneering zapadnik opportunist of all time, tried to bait Comrade Zyuganov on-air. It didn’t work! Gennady Andreyevich cut him a new dzopa, without benefit of anaesthesia. This is what passed between me and a Cabineteer after viewing a video clip of it.



[Zyuganov’s] speaking positively of Orthodoxy. Posner’s being a prick. Gennady Andreyevich does say that there are true communists in the MP.

Posner’s from Brooklyn!

No matter where he’s from, he’s a putz and a phoney liberal (what the West calls “conservative”). He’s no man of the Left.

He used to be the BIGGEST Red. When the USSR began to collapse, he ran, like a little bitch, to the Other Side. A former Anti-Zionist, he’s now a mega-Zionist.

He was what they called a suka (bitch) in the camps! No doubt, that’s what you meant… but the suki in the camps were mostly guys who’d served in the VOV. They were head n’ shoulders above Posner. He’s BENEATH the suki… he was (and is) a collaborator, what the Chinese call a “running dog” (for good reason). He’s for whoever feeds him… that’s that.


Guess who LOVES Posner? Radio Liberty/RFE/VOA, that’s who! Hmm… I wonder how often Victor Potapov collaborated with this POS durak? That puts a new spin on Potapov’s rant against Stalin doesn’t it? Do YOU trust a man who’s done his best over his entire working career to weaken the Rodina, in the service of the American government? I wouldn’t…



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