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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

12 November 2013. A Smile from the Russian Web… Putin vs Obama… VVP Over BHO

00 Putin vs Obama. 11.11.13


I saw this little number on the Russian web. I support the Prez, as I realise what the alternative is. Do you want a Republican corporatist state? I don’t… and neither do most other people. After all, most folks have wised up to the Republican desire to gut Social Security and Medicare, and ramp up regressive taxes on working people (which includes most managers) so that the One Percent can pay their country club dues, buy their crappy McMansions, and sock the remainder in offshore accounts in the Caymans (they certainly don’t intend to invest it in the USA to create American jobs). Such people are criminals, and we must treat them as such. After all, Wet Willy Romney is a major tax evader and was a cowardly draft dodger in the Vietnam War (his corporate daddy bought him a bogus “clergy” deferment). He symbolises the New GOP… grasping, greedy, a bully, but cowardly at heart.

However, this is a good belly-laugh, and it illustrates why VVP won the tug o’ war over Syria. Ease on down the road, Vova!



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