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Monday, 18 November 2013

18 November 2013. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The Parade on Red Square Proved the Indvisibility and Unity of Our History

00 Red Square Parade. 7 Nov 2013. 18.11.13


On 7 November 2013, the 96th anniversary of Red October, a reenactment of the parade held on 7 November 1941 took place on Red Square. On that day, Comrade Zyuganov spoke the following on the Square:

Today, even President Putin spoke about the unity of history. His speech at Valdai was momentous. For almost twenty years, I’ve waited for such a statement, and I heard his appeal for all of us to be united… leftists, rightwingers, and centrists. However, unity requires new socio-economic policies. We can’t realise such unity when 110 families nick 35 percent of the national wealth and create unprecedented social schisms (раскол). We can achieve unity, if we’re able to ensure that we follow a new economic course, to empower a new industrialisation, and if the modernisation of the country takes into account the interests of everyone, in every nationality. We can do it if everyone remembers that the basis of our unity is the mighty Russian culture, the Russian language, and Russian traditions. …

Today, I think that talking about unity, we must, firstly, fashion it on the firm foundation of a millennium of Russian history. Recently, I went to an exhibition at the Manezh dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, which was under Orthodox auspices. I appreciated and understood much of what I saw there. I know that a number of Russian sovereigns drew together and expanded the Russian state. There was a time when no one stood with Moscow, when encircling adversaries buried their teeth into our land. However, we endured, we survived, and we created a state stretching from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

I hope that the ideas expressed by Putin in Valdai will help us to anchor our era in history, to help us pull Russia out of its present crisis. However, if we allow the participation of oligarchs and criminals in this enterprise, without mining the experience of the Soviet era, without putting Labour at the vanguard of it all, without respect for our unique and great history, we won’t get out of this impasse. We must remember that we’re strong, intelligent, and successful, in this world, we need no one but ourselves.

There was more, but this was the “meat of the core”. There are demented White movement elements in the diaspora that wish to excise the Soviet period from the book of Russian history. These people are traitors! These people are sell-outs! What’s worse… they push their propaganda fancies as fact, and pressure good people in the ROCOR to publicly accede to them (because of the “commissars” amongst the First Families, one can’t know what our clergy (especially in the ROCOR) really believe and hold). Don’t hold it against them. Keep focused!

Comrade Zyuganov believes in the Unity of Our History. President Putin believes in the Unity of Our History. Patriarch Kirill believes in the Unity of Our History. Fr Vsevolod Chaplin believes in the Unity of Our History, as does Professor Narochnitskaya. All patriotic Russians, both at home and in the diaspora, believe that. Remember, there are those amongst us who sold out to the West during the Cold War (they’re the ones who brought that slimer Herbst to the ROCOR meeting). They haven’t changed their spots, not in the least.

It’s time for us to stand up proudly and face down the scummers. Yes, they have money… yes, they have political “friends”… yes, they’re united, whilst we’re not. However (as Chukcha the Wise would say)… we can retrieve the situation, but shall we bear the cost of it all? Shall you swallow a kopeck’s worth?


A Note to a Valued Friend:

Dr Johnson said the following:

As I know more of mankind, I expect less of them, and am ready now to call a man a good man, upon easier terms than I was formerly.

That is, when one gains a measure of wisdom and maturity, one realises that people are imperfect, and, often, are stuck in situations not of their making. In such cases, one “throws a pinch of incense upon the altar”, and all decent people understand and forgive that (for we’ve all done the same). Mayor Ed Koch said it using a much more “streety” voice:

If you agree with me on everything, you’re either crazy or an ass-kisser. If we can agree on what’s in front of us, we can work together.

Shall you take my hand? I needn’t agree with you on everything to be your friend. The road is long and windy, isn’t it?



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