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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Vladimir Legoida: “The Actions of the Group ‘God’s Will’ Reduces the Treasure of the Christian Faith into a Contrived Theatrical-Political Production”

00 I Say So! 16.11.13


Civic activity is developing in our society, so, many people are willing to defend their beliefs, up to the point of participating in public events. This is important evidence of a civil society developing, one that’s able to exercise initiative and not stay sunken in apathy. At the same time, in such activities, elements come forward that lack depth and breadth of knowledge; they lack the wish to serve others, but they seem able to present their POV in a most original way. Often, recent demonstrations resembled theatrical productions; the participants seem to play a role and not to defend a real-life belief. It doesn’t seem to matter to them what venue is the stage for their performances… it could just as easily be museums, public offices, and even church buildings. They become actors who convert the passers-by about them into unwilling spectators of a play to which they didn’t purchase a ticket.

This trend is understandable and explainable in terms of postmodernism, but it’s profoundly alien to Orthodox Tradition. In private life or in the public square, Orthodox people shouldn’t focus on anything other than the Truth of Christ. The sole purpose of Orthodox activities in society is to help others or to witness to the truth. Only Divine Grace can change those who’re genuinely mistaken in their words and deeds. In other words, such activities can have only one benchmark… the love of neighbour. Without this indispensable condition, without a conscious experience of the spiritual life in the Church, even a noble and sincere desire to defend the faith and traditional values, which one can understand and support, doesn’t bring forth the desired good fruits.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t find care for educating or rescuing one’s fellow citizens in the sensational actions of “God’s Will”. On the contrary, the way that they conduct themselves reduces the treasure of the Christian faith into a contrived theatrical-political production. I urge all people whose social activity has its roots in the Orthodox faith to be exemplars of fidelity to their beliefs, which is inseparable from respecting the dignity of all those about them, each of whom is created in the Image of God.

19 March 2013

Vladimir Legoida

Chairman of the MP Synodal Information Department (SINFO)



Editor’s Note:

Hear, hear! One of my correspondents at the Centre wrote:

Do you think that you’re uniquely bedevilled with overly-religious twits in America? Think again! We have many of the same problems. As you so correctly point up, the toddlers climb on their soap boxes, embarrassing themselves and Christ’s Church, too.  Here’s a link for you that tells the truth of the matter {that was the piece posted above: editor}.

Yet again, the Cabinet comes forward… and it proves that salvation in the Church isn’t “Me n’ Jayzuss”…  it’s a community thing. We’re all saved together or we’re not saved at all. That’s what Christ taught, it’s what I believe, and that’s that. I do daresay that more than one of you out there agrees with me…


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