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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

10 December 2013. RIA-Novosti Video. Shaolin Monks in Moscow. Ding Hao!

00 Shaolin Temple. Martial arts. 05.09.13


00 Russian and Chinese soldiers. 06.09.13

Russia and China are friends… because America doesn’t know how to mind its own business…


The Shaolin monks demonstrated their skill in martial arts in Moscow. Betcha they’ve also gone to Buryatiya and Kalmykiya where there are tons of Buddhists (and here and here). Click here for a page with a 90-second vid in English on them. China and Russia have become deep friends due to the hatred and vitriol poured out on both by the American Establishment. Anglo Americans don’t know when to shut up and listen… they’re spoilt toddlers who need constant adulation, and if you disagree with them, they pound off in a huff and pout. The Shaolin monks show off their stuff, which is the fruit of a 5,000-year-old Chinese civilisation (and here). We Russians are kids compared to that (here and here). Yet, the rootless immature (as a nation) Amerikantsy are only about 400-years-old, but they feel that they have the right to lecture and bully all the rest of us (without having produced anything of lasting value and substance themselves).

Oh, one last thing… “Ding Hao” in Mandarin means “Very Good”, “Top-Notch“, “Top Shelf“, and “Number One“… it’s very high praise, indeed…




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