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Thursday, 12 December 2013

12 December 2013. It’s That Time of Year! Have a Holiday Smile… from Masha and the Bear

00 Masha i Medved. Happy Holidays! 12.12.13


One, Two, Three! Up with the Tree!


00 Ded Moroz. 17.11.12


Here’s one of my fave Sov multifilmsThe Wolf and the Seven Little Goats. Good things from the Evil Empire! You don’t need to know Russian to love this one…


Have a most lovely holiday season… no matter which one you celebrate. Ura! It’s time for ALL of us to join hands… let’s have a world where we can all respect one another and live together in peace, despite obvious differences. Fie on all those who want to “convert” their neighbour… that’s where most mischief in society comes in. Let’s treat others as we’d like others to treat us… we can do it…



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