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Friday, 13 December 2013

Godless Republican Filth Kill Extended Unemployment Benefits… MERRY CHRISTMAS from the GOP… Even Scrooge is Aghast

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00 The Republican said to God


00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13


00 Pope Francisco. 27.11.13


Let’s keep this short. The godless Republican filth laid yet another sacrifice on the altar of their Great God and Saviour Mammon. A mere twelve days before Western Christmas, they voted to kill “extended” unemployment benefits. The USA has always had the most parsimonious unemployment benies in the developed world, but the “extension” merely brought it up to minimal world standards. However, the Republicans (and their running-dog lackey amen corner amongst the Evangelical sectarians) decided to give “the gift that keeps on giving” to the long-term unemployed this Christmas. If you vote for ANY Republican, you vote for evil… you vote for greed… you vote for Satan and his agenda.

Listen up, Orthodox people… that means that Victor Potapov, Paffhausen, Peter Lukianov, Alexander Webster, Rod Dreher, Patrick Reardon, and Terrence Mattingly (and all those like them) spat on the Lord Christ and laughed maniacally. The Church has a responsibility to protect the helpless, a duty that HH (and Pope Francisco) takes seriously. Any churchman who urges support of the Republican Party, either in public or in private, is an enemy of Our Lord… we must treat such accordingly. After all, it would’ve only cost 25 billion USD (822 billion Roubles. 26.5 billion CAD. 28 billion AUD. 18.2 billion Euros. 15.4 billion UK Pounds)… a sum easily-raised by closing corporate tax loopholes, cutting back on the DHS, and winding down wars in foreign parts. The Republicans told us what they stand for… the innocent must suffer so that the Affluent Effluent can party hearty without the slightest diminution from the present economic crisis. The GOP tells us by their actions that bombs are more important than people are. 

Yes, John Whiteford, having a link to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin on your website DOES conflict with your obligations as Christ’s priest. It does take all kinds… and, sometimes, it’s sickening as all get-out. Mark down who supports the ravening Republican ghouls… expose them, oppose them… don’t try reasoning with them, for they wouldn’t listen to you or to me, for they refuse to listen to Our Lord Christ and His Saints (No man can serve two masters). Reflect on this… they’re cut from the same bolt of nasty cloth that Caiphas was, and do remember what he did. It’s too much of a muchness…

Oh, yes… the Republicans say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS… and to hell with you (if they are to die, they had better do it now, and decrease the surplus population)”…

Bah, humbug!



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