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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

MP Urges State Probe into Religious Cult

01 Balashov and Chaplin at the AC


On Monday, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin head of the MP Synodal Department for the Coordination of State and Society (OVTsO), called for an inquiry into the activities of a Russian sect that he said “imitates Orthodoxy”. The unregistered Kuzya-the-God religious group, which experts consider a totalitarian sect {much like the HOOMies, Gillquistites, and the group around Podmoshensky here in the States: editor}, gained notoriety last week after its members allegedly attacked a Russian TV crew that was investigating its activities. Reportedly, a group member sprayed an unknown chemical on the team of journalists, inflicting chemical burns on some of them and damaging video equipment. Fr Vsevolod said, “Law enforcement agencies, and society in general, should look most carefully into how legitimate this group’s actions are… whether fraud, deception, and the use of force against followers took place, and the state should classify what type of offense the outrageous attack on the TV crew was and find out what sort of chemical substance they used”.

According to the website Pravmir*, 36-year-old Andrei Popov founded the so-called Kuzya-the-God sect. He calls himself Kuzya in honour of his late parrot. His followers believe that Kuzya is both Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary reincarnated. Fr Vsevolod noted, “The person who heads it styled himself as a god on many occasions, and, before that, he posed as an Orthodox priest and even a bishop. We’ve said many times that this person isn’t a priest of the canonical Orthodox Church, and Orthodox Christians should regard him as an impostor”. The MP launched a crackdown on the sect when it discovered that Kuzya-the-God followers, impersonating Orthodox monks and priests, were collecting millions of roubles in donations at Orthodox fairs. In 2011, the Church established a commission to oversee the many religious fairs that are increasingly popular in Russia. According to the commission, Kuzya-the-God followers were collecting donations at fairs.

2 December 2013



* Be warned! There are TWO Pravmir sites. The Russian site, Pravmir.ru is legit and it’s mostly free of “young elder” nonsense. The English site, Pravmir.com, is squiffy, as it has ties to questionable groups in the USA such as the HOOMies and the Platina nutters. In fact, there’s much dotty rubbish on the English side not found on the Russian site (SVS twaddle and other konvertsy swill). Stick to the Russian side, and Google Translate it if you must. The English material is often dumbed-down and watered-down (mostly the fault of a certain former HOOMie). Tikhon Shevkunov isn’t the best source at the Centre… as a friend told me, “He’s in his fifties, and His Holiness won’t make him a bishop. He’s an oligarch lover and pro-Western bum-kisser, but he’s got a pretty face and smiles like a cat”. Caveat lector

The Russian side has links to some kick-ass paintings by Pavel Ryzhenko. Click here and enjoy!



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