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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Putin Pledges to Support Perinatal Medicine… Russia SUPPORTS State-Provided Healthcare… Russian Birth-Rate GROWING, not Dropping

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Editor’s Note:

I was looking for a RECENT news item on Russian state support for healthcare. Here’s something from last June. VVP is a TRUE conservative… he supports state-provided healthcare services (as did Bismarck and Stolypin). The Republicans are phony-baloney rightwingers, for they oppose them in favour of anti-people profit-making schemes. REAL conservatism conserves our nation, our people, our land, our resources, our economy, and our towns… that means that the Republicans of today aren’t conservative, and haven’t been since the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie (Wet Willy was the biggest anti-conservative of them all). Using this standard, leftists are conservators, but righties are ravening destroyers and greedsters. There’s more than one devastated and imploded factory town to prove my point. Now, that’s a meaty bone to gnaw upon!

I also wish to prove that the CIA lies (bandied about by the Fox News/CNN duopoly) about the “falling Russian birth-rate” repeated by quisling propagandists like Victor Potapov are fairy tales. I post two articles to prove my point. Potapov is one of the main ideologists of the contemporary ROCOR (he’s certainly one of the leading lights in the archpriestly cabal in the First Families)… these articles prove him a self-serving talespinner and pro-Western running dog. Please, don’t judge ROCOR priests harshly… they have to repeat Potapov’s fibs (and his support of the barmy pretender Maria Vladimirovna) or they get all sorts of grief. That’s why people such as Andrew Phillips post some of the things that they do… they have to follow the party-line… we don’t know the real POV of most of these men as a result, so, be Christian and forgiving.

Oh… the drop in abortions wasn’t due to legal restrictions… it was due to generous state support for poor mothers. Sorry, Pro-Life Movement… you (and the Republican Party) are in the wrong…



At the XI World Congress of Perinatal Medicine, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian government would support perinatal medicine, develop neonatal surgery, and build perinatal centres. On Saturday, Putin told the Congress, “Our duty is to fight for the life of each child. Last year, Russia switched over to birth record criteria recommended by the WHO”. The Congress convened in Moscow on 19-22 June and gathered over 2,000 participants from 91 countries. Putin stated, “We began investing considerable state funds into this very important branch of healthcare, and will keep doing so”. He said that protection of mothers and children was a priority of Russian state and social policy. Putin noted, “58 modern perinatal centres are actively at work throughout the country”. He said that Russia would build more such centres to make specialised medical help available to mothers and children living in remote regions. He said that a large federal perinatal centre would open in 2014 in Moscow.

23 June 2013


On Wednesday, Minister of Labour and Social Protection (Mintrud) Maksim Topilin said that the birth rate in Russia grew 30 percent since 2007. In an interview with Ekho Moskvy, Topilin attributed the trend in part to the introduction of so-called “maternity capital” in 2007. He said, without giving exact figures, “During this period, the birth-rate increased by 30 percent. We attribute this growth to the introduction of maternity capital, amongst other things”. In a bid to encourage families to have more than one child, all women who gave birth to their second child after 1 January 2007 are eligible for a government-issued benefit of almost 409,000 roubles (12,456 USD. 13,246 CAD. 14,019 AUD. 9,055 Euros. 7,580 UK Pounds). The state doesn’t pay the benefit in cash, but parents can spend the money to improve their housing conditions, pay for their children’s education, or put the money towards a pension.

20 June 2013


On Friday, Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said that the birth-rate in Russia grew by 5.6 percent year-on-year in 2012, saying, “In 2012, the birth-rate increased by 5.6 percent… from 12.6 to 13.3 births per 1,000 people”. She added that the number of abortions fell by 5.5 percent, or by 53,900, due to state measures to support pregnant women living in difficult circumstances. Skvortsova noted that advanced assisted reproductive technologies aided the births of about 3,000 babies.

25 May 2013







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