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Friday, 27 December 2013

27 December 2013. Priest in Hospital Needs Your Prayers

00 Prayer in an Orthodox Church in Cairo. Orthodox Woman


Christians don’t ask “who” someone is when they’re in hospital… they light a candle and pray, for that’s what Christians do. Christian love doesn’t mean that one paints a phoney smile on one’s face or that one gives the guilty a “Get Out Out of Jail Free” card. It doesn’t mean that one calls “black” “white” or vice versa. It DOES mean that one prays sincerely for the recovery of everyone, no exceptions (believers, non-believers, it doesn’t matter, kids). God DOES offer “the onion” to ALL of us… we’d do well to remember that.

Say a prayer for Fr Igor Burdikoff… he had a stroke and is in rehab. Light a candle when you go to Liturgy on Sunday and ask your priest to mention him at the Proskomidi. That’s what Christians do, and that’s that.



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