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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

1 January 2014. Happy New Year to ALL of My Friends Out There in Cyberland! с Новым годом!

00 s Novym Godom! To the New Year! 01.01.14



00 Happy New Year! 31.12.13


Happy New Year to ALL of you! PARTY FOR EVERYBODY! This year marks my 60th birthday (in April)… I guess that makes me an “official” “old fart” and/or “elder”. I agree with Browning… this is the “last of life for which the first was made” (in a very positive and good sense). I have NO regrets… none whatsoever. I have many mistakes and sins on my plate, but I don’t whine, I don’t dribble on with cries of “I coulda been a contender!” I did what I did… I own up to the lot of it, for it made me what I am today.

How much longer do I have? That’s up to the Almighty… He doesn’t share such intel (not with me, and, certainly, not with the likes of Pat Robertson et al). I intend to smile until the end. I’ll fight and seek the truth for as long as God gives me breath. Let’s stand together! Life is good… let’s raise up a glass and cheer! It’s the New Year! God bless you all…

с Новым Годом! To Another New Year!


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