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Friday, 3 January 2014

3 January 2014. Politics Through a Cartoonist’s Eyes…

00 Politics. Black Friday. 02.01.13

Black Friday” is the High Black Mass of Consumerism… note well that most Born Agains aren’t against it. “No man can serve two masters…


00 Politics. Christie. 02.01.14

The Republican Party hasn’t had a new idea since the ’80s… only gerrymandering and that the Electoral College gives disproportionate weight to small states has given it any cred to the present. After all, “steal from the poor to give to the rich” can take you only so far…


00 Politics. He Listened to the Tea Party. 02.01.13

Our economy is knackered due to two factors. Firstly, the sensible restrictions on capital passed in the New Deal were repealed by Republican fanatics. That means that many (if not most) financial shenanigans now engaged in by the Affluent Effluent were illegal (thus, criminal) prior to 1981. Secondly, the Tea Party deliberately starves the government of funds to try to collapse the edifice to create a “small government”. All it’d create is chaos… and these demented toddlers cream their jeans at the prospect…


00 Politics. Income Gap. 02.01.14

The Affluent Effluent (the Top Five Percent) have 275 percent of their 1980 income in real terms. The rest of us have 85 percent of our 1980 income in real terms. That’s due to Republican giveaways to the rich and mad cuts to sensible social programmes. Any questions?


00 Politics. Mandela NO. 02.01.13

South Carolina DID lower its flags to half-mast for the racist pig Strom Thurmond. One of these things is not like the other…


00 Politics. Merry Christmas... There's No Room at the Inn. 02.01.13

When you wave a placard at a Pro-Life rally, you march in favour of unrestricted capital punishment, perpetual warfare in foreign parts, the destruction of the social safety net, torture at secret black sites, and so much more from the Republican enablers of the Pro-Life Movement. I’d see that’s not only not pro-life… it’s anti-Christian to the bone. Get your minds right…


00 Politics. Santa's Bonus. 02.01.14

I know of a company that abolished production incentives for workers and stopped providing coffee cups in the break room… but it still paid multi-million bonuses to top management. That’s another thing that you march for in a Pro-Life March… after all, that’s what the GOP backers of the Movement want, and the marchers don’t take them to task for it.


00 Politics. Cash Cow. 02.01.14

Did you note how the Affluent Effluent REFUSED to bear any of the burden of the Great Recession? Then, again, they refuse to serve their country in the forces… do ask Paul Ryan, Willard Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and Richard Cheney about that… they all screamed for war, but refused to serve themselves. None dare call it treason and cowardice…


00 Politics. Tea Party Fantasyland. 02.01.14

The above cartoon is a rightwing fable. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a dour dictatorship… a prying theocracy worse than anything imagined in contemporary Iran. Government was EVERYWHERE. If you doubt me, read about Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson


00 Politics. Tea Party Santa. 02.01.14

Need I say more? Teabaggers attend to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin… none of whom hew over-closely to the truth. After all, there aren’t palm trees in Moscow in the winter! Rush doesn’t come clean on his avoidance of military service, and Lil’ Mizz Sarah can’t see Russia from her doorstep…


00 Politics. Teabaggers listening to Rush's Fairy Tales. 02.01.14

Rush just signed a contract for 400 million (13.28 billion Roubles. 426 million CAD. 448 million AUD. 295 million Euros. 244 million UK Pounds)… that’s far above the average income. It’s puts a new spin on his screaming, doesn’t it? How do you spell P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E?


00 Politics. The GOP's favourite target. 02.01.14

The simplest way to help the Middle Class is to abolish the cap on the FICA tax and abolish the preferment shown to capital gains earnings. That’d lessen the burden on moderate-income earners… but it won’t happen. The rich and their Republican whores won’t let it happen. Why? It’d lessen the burden on the Middle Class (and Fox, Limbaugh, and Palin couldn’t blame the poor any more and use them as pawns to stir up the Yahoos).


00 Politics. Zimmerman again. 02.01.14

Only in rightwing “deregulated” criminal Florida


Keep it simple, kid… vote AGAINST the Republicans this November. Oppose their Anti-Christian agenda… and note what “Christians” support them. On one side you have HH and Pope Francisco… on the other, you have Franklin Graham, the mega-churchers, and Pentecostalists. I know what side I’m on… do note who’s a Quisling and who hobnobs with sectarians… that’s not being in step with the Church and with Christ. After all, HH is pals with Gennady Andreyevich and Fidel Castro Ruz, NOT Mikhail Prokhorov or Paul Ryan. Remember, good birds of a feather DO flock together (as do the shitbirds… and never the twain shall meet)…


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