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Saturday, 4 January 2014

4 January 2014. Weigel Declares War on the Ukraine

Galician SS

Here’s what George Weigel‘s pals did in the VOV… they were traitors who fought for the Nazis and who helped the Nazis in the Holocaust.



Here’s a Uniate UGKTs priest in Nazi uniform… Weigel doesn’t mention this, does he?


south ossetia funeral

On the other hand, Weigel supports this… or, his pal Yushchenko did (and Weigel didn’t utter a peep)! Weigel supports American warmongering in foreign parts, which included the American-fomented War in South Ossetia (Colonel General Novogitsyn testified to that). Weigel’s a nice guy with great pals, ain’t he?


George Weigel crawled out from underneath his rock… of course, he’s bleating away on the Ukraine (click here for his trashy submission). In his eyes, the Great White Hope of the Ukraine is the UGKTs… but he doesn’t tell you that the UGKTs represents less than 10 percent of the Ukrainian population. He also doesn’t tell you about how the UGKTs blessed SS VOLUNTEERS in the VOV. Weigel also doesn’t tell you that the main Church in the Ukraine remains the UOC/MP. In all of his dreck, he rarely mentions Vladyki Vladimir Sabodan. Needless to say, for him, Talerhof didn’t happen, Ss Maksim Sandovich and Aleksei Kabalyuk are nonentities, the Galizien Division were patriots, he marginalises Fr Dmitri SidorBandera’s a hero, and Yushchenko’s a martyr. In short, Weigel is EVIL and no Orthodox Christian should have anything to do with him or his ilk.

I felt dirtied just by reading his rubbish. Nevertheless, READ IT. It’s what many in the Russophobic Catholic hierarchy truly believe about us. Yet, don’t take it out on ordinary RCs… they didn’t make the policies, and most of them don’t even know that they exist. However, do read Weigel’s nonsense as it tells you what the official papists really say about us behind our backs. I admire Pope Francisco’s political and social stands… I oppose the church that he heads. I’d give a warning, though… Weigel and his ilk oppose their pope’s social teaching… and some of them have access to Western intel agencies. Remember 1948… Langley engineered a coup against Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis. I’d advise Francisco to watch his back.

To end this, I’ll quote the Carpatho-Russian delegation that met Patriarch Aleksei Simansky in 1946:

We’re strongly opposed to joining our territory to the Ukrainian SSR. We don’t want to be Czech nor Ukrainian, we want to be Russian (Ruthenians); we want our land autonomous, but within the USSR.

Now, that’s TRUTH… and it’s a good antidote to all the shit spouted by Weigel. Keep it focused.



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