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Monday, 6 January 2014

KPRF Leader G A Zyuganov: “I Believe that the Sun of Righteousness and the Light of Wisdom will Illumine the Russian Future”

00 To the Nativity of Christ! G A Zyuganov. 06.01.14


Editor’s Note:

Comrade Zyuganov quoted the Eastern Orthodox Nativity tropar:

I believe that the sun of righteousness and the light of wisdom will illumine the Russian future.

This means that he sees a future where socialism and faith live side-by-side, indispensable to each other, each one building the other up. If you want godliness, justice, and adherence to Christ’s teachings… think LEFT. If you want adherence to chaos, greed, and avarice… think “conservative”… think Republican. ‘Nuff said…



On the eve of this bright universal festival of the Nativity of Christ, we appeal to all those who cherish the “simple human values”… the enduring traditions of our national history and culture, the eternal ideals of Mercy, Goodness, and Justice. Our ancient traditions show us that the Christmas holiday is a family affair. At the centre of it all are our families…  our parents, our children, and our grandchildren, indeed, all the people closest to us. During these bright days, we reflect on our lives; we make plans for the future. On this holiday, our neighbours, colleagues, and friends are either present or in our thoughts. This means that we meditate upon our common past and discuss the future. After all, we’re one big family; we have one Motherland… Russia, our united indivisible Mother-Motherland.

We thank our forefathers, who defended the Motherland in bloody battles, who rebuilt and multiplied our national resources, who preserved the tradition, culture, and ethos of our people. With this in mind, we must strive to make sure that the older generation doesn’t have a hard lot, that they receive aid not only form their loved ones, but also from the state in reward for their hard work. We honour our parents, who nurtured our physical and spiritual health, who educated us and cultivated in us selfless patriotism, devotion to duty, honour, and conscientiousness in all trials. They were able to do that because the people’s state guaranteed everybody adequate social welfare and, above all, gave everybody good jobs, free medical care, and free education.

We worry about our children, who grow up in a society of social inequality, in an atmosphere of greed, with perverted notions of good and evil. They are the inheritors of the great past of their ancestors; they live in our country, a land generously endowed with natural resources, which we must hold publicly for the good of all. As they enter into life, they must survive an onslaught of deception and delusion; they must keep up honour and conscience in a world where a cult of violence, selfishness, consumerism and profit rules. Today, it depends on us what will become of the new generation of the country, what will become of our descendants.

We’re proud of our past; we do have something to protect. We must do everything possible to keep the great traditions and core values ​​of spirituality and national culture that lie at the heart of our great civilisation. If we can do this, I believe that the sun of righteousness and the light of wisdom will illumine the Russian future. We have something to live for and something to fight for. In the words of a Christmas hymn… yes, we’ll have as much strength as we have endurance! I wish you health, success, and the fulfilment of your desires, that every family will have much joy, and I wish happiness to every Russian citizen and to all people of good will aspiring to the light of Truth, Goodness, and Justice!

To the Nativity of Christ!

6 January 2014

00 G A Zyuganov 2011Gennady Zyuganov

First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Leader of the KPRF bloc in the RF Gosduma

KPRF official website


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