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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

8 January 2014. Hey, Hey, It’s the Svyatki… You Shouldn’t Monkey Around…

00 Orthodox Christmas 2013. 07.01.13




It’s the Svyatki! The time between Christmas and Epiphany, twelve days of sheer joy… no fasting for you (that’s from the Nativity Nazi… who whacks all tightarsed konvertsy with his ladle). Feast, feast, feast… do pass me the roast beast. All kidding aside, God blesses human gaiety… He created it, didn’t He? After all, He turned water into wine, not wine into water, and He made a righteously ass-kicking vintage when He did so. God is too important to leave to religious hobbyists and to political shysters. Cross yourself and smile… God made a good earth, full of good things, and its our duty to see that everybody gets their fair share (and greedsters like Rush and Sarah get the boot).

Христос рождається! Christ is born! Славите его! Glorify Him!

I apologise for the pun in the title… those of “a certain age” will catch it… forgive me, for I have sinned…


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