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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

HH Speaks on Christmas… We Should Solve Intercultural Conflicts Peaceably… The Ukrainian Crisis Pains Him… Opposes Marginalisation of Christianity in Europe

00 Patriarch Kirill on St Nicholas Day 19.12.13. 08.01.14


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias holds that violence can’t resolve intercultural conflicts; we have to put things right using the law. In his Christmas interview with presenter Dmitri Kiselyov on the Rossiya TV channel, he said, “We know that people who come to Russia aren’t always familiar with our culture, customs, and faith. Due to many reasons, which I’ll not go into now, they refuse to acknowledge that they live in a society that holds different views on manners, on behaviour in the streets, on conduct between men and women. Of course, all this leads to cultural confusion, to put it mildly”.

He pointed up that Russia’s historically been a multiethnic state because its Orthodox majority “broadly tolerated” and “respected” the customs of followers of other religions. According to the Patriarch, the only active conflict came when some tried converting Orthodox people to different faiths. He said, “In those cases it met with rebuff, including material and military resistance {HH is referring to the papist attempt to ram the Unia down Russians’ throats… it only succeeded in Galicia… do see how THAT turned out: editor}. However, in everyday life, there’s nothing like this. Everything is different now. Besides, there are other reasons, of course. There are many reasons, which didn’t pop up just yesterday”.

The Patriarch believes that if cultural “confusion” remains “at the level of small everyday tensions, there’s hope that all this would eventually come to an end”. On the other hand, if they defy law and order, then, “We must restore order using lawful means. We mustn’t use lawlessness, we mustn’t use violence, we shouldn’t say such things as, you know, ‘let’s leave nothing standing’ and ‘let’s crush ‘em all and restore order with vigilantes’. It’s important that we let the law work; it’s important that we build relationships based on the law until the people themselves come to a readiness to live peacefully and quietly with each other, despite existing differences. I see no other way out”.

His Holiness takes the present disorders in Kiev to heart, believing that the Church can only help to resolve the continuing crisis through its prayer, not through a presence at the barricades, saying, “What’s happening in the Ukraine cuts me to the heart. For me, the Ukraine is like my home, my native people; these are my people and my flock. I pray for the Ukraine, I pray for these people. I understand that there’s a threat of a split of the nation, a threat of another round of civil confrontation”. He pointed up that a faction wanted “régime change”, saying, “For them, resolution is an unleashing of the passions. When clergymen appear on the barricades goading the people, it isn’t what the Church should do”, adding that the Church should preach peace and unity. The Patriarch urged Ukrainians to have a dialogue that would help resolve their existing problems.

Vladyki Kirill believes that dangerous consequences ensue if we keep the true meaning of Christmas from the public square, including using other names for the holiday, saying, “This is a political action, a stubborn exclusion of Christian values, including Christian-oriented holidays, from public life. This is a spiritual disarmament of the masses; it’s an incredibly dangerous trend”. He said that, today, the West, concerned with protecting human rights and freedoms, violates the right to practise the Christian faith openly. For instance, the Patriarch mentioned cases where the authorities forbade media presenters or nurses from wearing crosses, stating, “Of course, Christian values in Europe are, indeed, preserved in the life of the people. I’ve dialogued with Western Europeans who keep them in their hearts. However, the general political trend, the overall direction of élite activities is, undoubtedly, anti-Christian and anti-religious in nature”.

7 January 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Let’s be clear… HH isn’t a Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty nor is he a Pat Robertson of “Liberty University” (it’s neither free nor a university… what an imposture!). He’s something higher, more rational, and unsoiled. He’s a partisan of Christ’s Church. He believes that the Church has FINAL AUTHORITY… NOT the Bible. He believes in a Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself in the Upper Room… not some crackbrained rightwing American construct. He believes in the Communion of the Saints being about us and with us… not orgiastic rolling about in the aisles, shouting “Jayzuss!” Most of all, he believes in social justice… not rightwing attacks on the social safety web and giveaways to the idle rich. He awards decorations to Pyotr Simonenko and Iosif Kobzon (he’s friends with the Castro brothers (and here) and Gennady Andreyevich)… he doesn’t suck up to the likes of Darrell Issa, Gus Bilirakis, or Justin Amash (shame on the last three named… they’re contemporary Black Hundredists… they and Potapov’s circle are one in mind, aren’t they). He visits the sick and prisoners… not the country club nor the latest Zagat-rated yuppieteria… he doesn’t march in political demonstrations nor does he wave placards.

In short, HH is a REAL Orthodox hierarch, not a phoney baloney ersatz substitute like Fathausen, Moriak, or Maymon. Whom do you follow? Do you follow HH, or do you follow the rightwing perverters of Orthodoxy? That’s what on offer… there’s nothing else… I’ve chosen, and I think that it’s clear what I’ve chosen. Choose well… the fate of your immortal soul DOES depend on it…



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